Oh, excellent

The Tories have split the country. No spending splurge can repair it
Polly Toynbee

So stop spending the money then…..

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  1. What she means is:

    The Tories have split the country. No spending splurge by the Tories can repair it. Put my mates in Labour in instead.
    Polly Toynbee

  2. “After a decade of the most savage erosion of every service, the pre-election spending announced by the chancellor will not begin to repair the damage.”

    Savage erosion of every service? Oh FFS.

    Are your traffic lights out of action? Are your parks terrible? Schools good? My daughter did her driving theory test and that seemed to be working just fine.

    I worked in a local authority a few years ago, so I’ll tell you what this really means: all the pet socialist shit that employs Polly’s friends and does crap that only socialists care for has been cut.

    We’re still looking after the disabled kids, we’re still funding schools and hospitals. What got cut? Spending on festivals of Asian culture. A load of sockpuppet lefty charities. Libraries that no-one uses.

  3. Bloke on M4

    Absolutely – what was called the ‘Non-productive public Sector’ – ‘5 portions a day co-ordinators, ‘breast feeding co-ordinators’, ‘Climate change co-ordinators’ and the EHRC have all been cut back (among myriad others – basically the Guardian’s then ‘Society’ section from May 1997 to 2005) and the damage to the economy is absolute zero – these people’s productivity was actually negative, in that they swallowed resources that could have been spent elsewhere and in the case of the EHRC encouraged frivolous cases to be referred to employment tribunals which tied up people in sessions with lawyers for hours.

    I think the great Eric Pickles certainly was at least in part responsible but while I don’t give George Osborne much credit for anything he at least turned off the taps and forced councils to live within their means. Of course it wasn’t as celebration-worthy as UKIP’s planned ‘bonfire of the inanities’ which would have, in Ecksian style involved loss of future pension rights as well for these types of roles, but it certainly has economically been something of a boon.

  4. Unfortunately Council thieving has merely shifted onto Council tax payers to support the 6 figure wages of scummy “CEO”‘s who are jumped up Town Clerks who should be on £40000 max.

  5. Councillors are now on £40k (when it used to be done from a sense of public duty and bus fare). I’ve seen no sign of any reductions in these rates (or even cheaper biscuits at council meetings). Odd, that.

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