Oh, really?

Considerable scientific evidence has emerged demonstrating a durable biological element underlying gender identity.

Is this your point or our?

You can understand their frustration. In the current climate, solid, peer-reviewed science by people who know this field inside out is being ignored in favour of the thinky thoughts of yummy mummies, religious fundamentalists and far-right trolls who claim “facts don’t care about your feelings” while yelling the latter over the former, who claim to be “silenced” by “extremists” while silencing the very people who know the subject inside out.

The problem is not a lack of data. The problem is the same as with the anti-vaccination movement. The media is platforming scaremongering over science, feelings over facts and extremists over experts.

You want to be ruled by experts? So, a carbon tax it is then. Plus unilateral free trade, vicious free market capitalism topped off by a minimal welfare state – Singapore – and so on.

Or would you prefer that democracy thing?

28 thoughts on “Oh, really?”

  1. If we are talking about biological sex, then then it is supported by a weight of scientific fact and the bleedin’ obvious.

    The social science wittering about ‘gender’ OTOH, not so much.

  2. the World Professional Association for Transgender Health in the study of hormone therapy for adults and puberty blocking for young people.

    Oh … dear …

  3. Yes, SE. It’s the appended “and winked at by a stranger.” List reputable organizations first, as if their esteem gives credence to yours.

    ‘Considerable scientific evidence’

    Junk science red flag: if you have evidence, it doesn’t need to be ‘considerable.’ Similar to “a growing body of evidence.”

  4. Even xir “authorities” recommend not giving hormonal treatments to children pre-puberty
    “The Endocrine Society’s Clinical Practice Guideline, which sets the standard of care for transgender individuals, recommends avoiding hormone therapy for transgender children prior to puberty.” So The Endocrine Society agrees with the rest of us.
    It does not surprise me that Carrie omits that sentence from xir selective quotations.

  5. This is what’s eating xim:

    In the US, right-wing media has politicised a sad custody case involving a young trans kid

    Uh huh.

    with experts such as Donald Trump’s idiot, conspiracy-peddling son and probable Zodiac killer Ted Cruz sharing their ill-informed and uneducated thoughts on subjects they know fuck-all about.

    These experts include the boy’s father, who is desperately trying to stop his ex-wife abusing her custody rights to turn his 7 year old son into a tranny.

    Nota Benny, the “mother” who insists on putting the lad in dresses and calling him “Luna” isn’t his mother. She’s the aggrieved ex-wife of the boy’s Dad. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is disgusting, but might be even more so when it’s abusing a child in pursuit of revenge. The wicked stepmother trope exists for a reason.

    Naturally, 40 year old autogynephiles who abandoned their wife and kids in pursuit of the masturbatory fetish lifestyle don’t give a solitary tranny toss about the welfare of a confused child who should be thinking about Pokemons instead of penis inversion.

    “Trans kids” are useful to AGP’s as social proof to validate their skeezy sexual preferences. Who cares if they end up killing themselves by the age of 30? Not the T crowd, they only care about dancing in front of mirrors and trying to kill ur-TERF Jodie Foster.

    As for this chemically shrunken bollocks:

    Suppressing puberty is fully reversible, and it gives individuals experiencing gender incongruence

    It’s “fully reversible” in the same way that letting Michael Jackson babysit is fully reversible. Yuman beans are not blank slates, the psychological and cerebral scars from not having a normal childhood and not having normal sexual development into adulthood will always be there.

    The Endocrine Society would have us believe that opportunity costs don’t exist. This is the same thinking behind sad, 30something career ladies freezing their eggs in the vague and unlikely hope that somebody will want to give them a freaky Frankenstein impregnation when they’re nearly 50.

    As always, this descent into madness stems from rejecting God. Chesterton was right, they’ll believe in anything so long as it’s weird and unnatural.

    But Christ is King, my friends, and if you don’t believe me, believe Kanye.

  6. “This descent into madness stems from rejecting God.”


    To the extent that God has power over my life, God made me reject God.

    Anywho, this is part of CMs broad front attempt to destroy Western Civilization. It is incremental, but relentless. God isn’t behind it, unless God is a CM.

  7. Gamecock – I dunno if you’ve heard the Good News of (agnostic) Canadian lobster wrangler Jordan Peterson, but he makes an excellent point about Nietzsche and the Death of God.

    Christ is the foundation of Western civilisation. No Jesus = no Christendom. No Christendom = no civilised order that you, me and Richard Dawkins took for granted.

    From Constantine to Victoria, the animating purpose of Western Civ was Christianity.

    By metaphorically killing our heavenly father, we orphaned our culture and cut it adrift from its higher purpose. So why not abort and contracept ourselves into extinction? Why not turn every hole into a goal? Why not have 67 genders and custom made luxury internet-enabled biodegradable manginas on the NHS? Any horror is possible outside a meaningful moral framework.

    We can see the degeneration in art. Christendom produced the Pieta and Notre Dame. Post-Christianity produces unmade beds and tinned shit.

  8. Steve,

    I suspect the majority of art* produced at any time was shit. We just see the stuff that has been exclaimed as either beautiful or historic, not the stuff that was the ancient equivalent of skipped as soon as Father Joseph moved on or Great Uncle Horace passed away.

    * clearly applies to music as well as painting, architecture etc.

  9. As always, this descent into madness stems from rejecting God. Chesterton was right, they’ll believe in anything so long as it’s weird and unnatural.

    “God” is weird and unnatural. That our elites are on a crystal meth and LSD cocktail doesn’t mean the masses should be dulled with opiates well past their sell by date.

    What we call western civilisation didn’t kick off until until the worst of Christian bullshit was overthrown (burning youngsters for cross dressing, etc). I don’t know much about masturbatory fetishes but I do know wank is wank.

  10. The problem is the same as with the anti-vaccination movement. The media is platforming scaremongering over science, feelings over facts and extremists over experts.


  11. Steve

    If the kid is seven years old the author is wrong. The Endocrine Society guidelines say

    “Hormone treatment is not recommended for prepubertal gender-dysphoric/gender-incongruent persons.”

    I’m also not sure that I trust the view that the hormone suppression is safe. Even the Endocrine society guidelines have a series of caveats. And this piece suggests that we don’t really know – which is why they’re studying it.


  12. Surreptitious, you seem to have arrived independently at Sturgeon’s Law:

    “Sturgeon’s revelation (as originally expounded by Theodore Sturgeon), commonly referred to as Sturgeon’s law, is an adage commonly cited as “ninety percent of everything is crap.”

    It certainly isn’t confined to art or music or anything else.

  13. Why does Tim keep posting stuff from this creep? Inevitably I clik on the link & come away with a grubby feeling like I’ve been cleaning the trap under the sink without rubber gloves.

  14. Christendom produced the Inquisition.

    But, of course, that wasn’t real Christianity.

    We are still waiting for the right people to implement it.

  15. Given that even mentioning ROT (rapid onset transgenderism) makes you an evil person I doubt we will get real data about how many trans kids change their minds or don’t go through with treatments etc.

  16. SE – True, but where’s our modern great art? Even literature is a PoMo wankfest*

    *Honourable exceptions are Cormac McCarthy and the now sadly departed Gene Wolfe

    PJF – “God” is weird and unnatural

    The entire history of human civilisation disagrees with you.

    Ken – Absolutely. “Trans kids” wasn’t even a thing until about 5 minutes ago, so it’s absurd to pretend hormone treatments for children are safe.

    Gamecock – No, the Inquisition and the Crusades were real Christianity. It’s not a religion of peace, and Aslan isn’t a tame lion. If we were good, we wouldn’t need Jesus, d’ye see?

  17. @rhoda klapp October 30, 2019 at 11:23 am

    And you still don’t get the problems with carbon tax?

    imo Tim W does not have the strength of character to admit he was wrong; thus, as politicians do, he ignores sunk costs and continues investing in a failed project

    The distortion by using Carbon Tax rather than CO2 Tax exemplifies this.

    Meanwhile Tim W’s friends in Parliament (HoL) announced today “Punishment by much higher prices if Smart Meter not accepted – we will make legacy meters too expensive for anyone who resists”

  18. @Steve October 30, 2019 at 2:03 pm

    Spot on – Christianity is more than a religion (as is barbaric, medieval Islam)

    @bloke in spain October 30, 2019 at 4:43 pm


    More Brexit, GE, Economics and no more bigmouth sh1t

  19. I have just received the renewal notice for my New Zealand driving licence. After requesting my full names, the next question asks what sex I am, I have a choice of Male, Female or Indeterminate. I have never been given the choice before and after nearly 82 years as a male I am wondering if there is any advantage in changing my sex.

  20. I had an industry survey recently, they split responses by male/female/non-binary
    The non-binary responses were 0.3% so statistically insignificant

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