On the subject of capitalism and pollution

Thick crude oil that has stained hundreds of miles of pristine Brazilian beach in recent weeks probably originated in Venezuela, the Brazilian government has said, in an accusation likely to further strain relations between the two countries.

Brazilian authorities have been investigating the growing disaster for more than a month, as the oil has spread to more than 130 beaches across nine states.

It is true that as people do stuff then accidents happen. This is true even under capitalism. But to truly cock things up environmentally you do need socialism…..

6 thoughts on “On the subject of capitalism and pollution”

  1. Mysteriously there is no mention of Venezuela’s political system, though the Guardian mendaciously slips this in at the end:

    “Environmentalists and indigenous leaders say that Bolsonaro’s stripping back of environmental legislation and protections has stoked a fresh assault on the country’s ecosystems.”

  2. Of course you need socialism. When a private entity fouls a beach, there is redress in its country’s courts. When Venezuela does so, there is no redress at all.

  3. ‘stained hundreds of miles of pristine Brazilian beach’

    I’ve told you a million times not to exaggerate.

    ‘The oil’s appearance came shortly after Brazil became the focus of international criticism over record wildfires and deforestation in the Amazon rainforest – both of which have surged since Bolsonaro came to office.’

    No, not really. The Guardian’s pants are on fire. Their problem isn’t wildfires or deforestation – it is Bolsonaro.

  4. @jgh

    “ coughAralSeacough”

    To be fair, most of the Eco Warriors’ moaning is about rising sea levels. They were just doing their bit to reverse some of that there…

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