Outside the box?

What I learned from my year of reading outside the box
Afua Hirsch
As a Booker prize judge, I encountered stories I would never have consciously sought out, and it was wonderful

Since when has anything at all on the Booker long list been “outside the box”?

The Bone People was both pretty weird and pretty dire but it was right in the mainstream of feminist whining. Come on, when was the last time anything even as imperialist as Kipling made it to that list?

8 thoughts on “Outside the box?”

  1. “Stephen King once said that books are a uniquely portable form of magic, but – determined to read the old-fashioned way – I found myself lugging a heavy load of them around. Filming in Brazil, Senegal and Jamaica, for example, I checked in extra suitcases full of books..”

    If only someone would invent some kind of portable electronic device that could hold thousands of books….

  2. “I checked in extra suitcases full of books..”

    OMG, think of all the additional CO2 you planet-destroying hypocrite!!

  3. Filming in Brazil, Senegal and Jamaica, for example,


    ….prompting a French person in the seat opposite to say, “I don’t know what you people do at home, but this is the Eurostar.” The book I was reading had unpleasant notes of racism, too..

    Lynching is back!

    This process also turned out to be an exercise in overcoming my own deep sense of impostor syndrome – a belief that I was not qualified, literary or clever enough to be a judge on this prestigious prize.

    I’m certain this half Jewish, half African woman got the job purely on merit.

  4. The Food Warehousers should withdraw the cash.

    Give them goods instead. That fits in with the” leftist Arthur Daily” type vibe the entire farce now has.

    Apologies to the late Geo Cole for any disrespect to his marvellous creation.

  5. Ecks,

    I don’t think Booker give any money any longer. The name is just familiar, it became the name everyone knows. It’s now officially the Man Booker prize (Man are management consultants).

    It’s like the Mercury Prize was Mercury telecoms. So, it’s now the Hyundai Mercury Prize.

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