Owen Jones’ weird definition of investment

First, why politics is a lousy way of running things:

Labour MPs who vote for a Johnson Brexit deal should lose the whip
Owen Jones

Whether or not to Brexit is now a party political issue. To be determined by which political party wins on it. Not by the merits – or demerits – of the policy itself.

Which is why politics is a crappy way to run things. Decisions will be made by which political party benefits rather than the actual merits of the underlying proposition.

But then there’s this:

(Even New Labour, which struck an accommodation with Thatcherism, invested in public services, the minimum wage and tax credits to improve the lot of millions of working-class people.)

Tax credits are not an investment, they’re current spending. There is also no return from them.

And the minimum wage? Forcing other people to spend more of their money as you desire isn’t investment, is it? Ad theft normally isn’t…..

7 thoughts on “Owen Jones’ weird definition of investment”

  1. Is he the bloke who used to tell lies on behalf of The Independent?

    Or am I confusing him with some other weasel?

  2. The Left has long considered taxes as “investment” in government. You just don’t invest in the proper things!

  3. Government doesn’t invest: it spends. Period. “Invest” is totalist language to get you to accept it.

  4. SNP is saying they wouldn’t even vote for something like the carried over Domestic Abuse Bill because of party politics

  5. Owen, if I invest in “UK Public Services PLC” shares what capital growth and dividend yield are you forecasting?

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