Oz hairstyles

Ever since Jason’s mullet there’s been something dodgy about Oz barbering.

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  1. I wish England had had the French game under their belts, I think they needed a decent work out before the final stages , I have concerns about the form of Ben Young . Heinz looks fine but it was a bizarre selection alongside the selection of an entirely untried sevens utility back for no reason I can think of .
    Cockerspaniel`s defensive lapses seem to go unremarked, but then he is pretty much a boy ( odd how his obvious lack of experience is forgiven whilst Ollie Thurley whose knee may be off still gets dissected )
    The pack is fit and ferocious Ford Farrell Tuilagi May Watson and Daly have s nice blend of skill pace and power

    I think England have the personnel to win this and if I were the All Blacks I would not fancy an Ireland team given no hope one bit

  2. Newmania.
    I’m sure Eddie’d take the 2 week recovery and the injury risk reduction any day over a run out against france. Bit worried at Daly at full back under the high ball ( he definitely has gas) , i miss Mike Brown catching cleanly every time and beating the first tackler every time.

  3. It’s a lot of fuss just to see who will have the honour of losing to the All Blacks in the final.

    The consolation is the odd game as good as Japan-Scotland.

  4. Daly gives you a kicking option but I`d have Alex Goode out there, all day long ( another of EJ`s odd selections )
    If he wins he`s a genius…
    If not ….

  5. Australia will definitely have to start better than they did in the pool games, but QF are shaping up nicely. England seem to have been a bit of a bogey team for Australia (6 straight wins I think), but then Wales lost 12 straight against the Aussies before winning the last 2 encounters.
    As for the other games I wouldn’t write Ireland off against the All Blacks just yet, the Japan loss may turn out to be the spark that pushes Ireland forward.
    Wales v France as ever will depend on what French team turns up, in current performance maybe even which French team turns up for each half.
    And wouldn’t write Japan off against SA, definitely going to be an interesting speed v power game and the SA wing looked very good in the pool games so that’s going to be an interesting matchup.
    Would expect most games to be close and the odd unlucky bounce or ref’s decision could make all the difference.

  6. The Kiwis are going to make absolute mincemeat of Ireland.

    I wish that I had your confidence! We know that the Paddies are able to turn up for the big events. If our tight 5 can get the domination that we need to provide a platform then we’ll be fine, but Retallick hasn’t had much game-time so it is a worry for me!

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