Poor Snippa

People do move for tax rates:

Among top-bracket California taxpayers, outward migration and behavioral responses by stayers together eroded 45.2% of the windfall tax revenues from the reform.

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  1. Spud’s line of retreat on this subject is always the same…….

    “People don’t move”

    “Hardly anyone moves”

    “The people that move don’t count”

    “The people that move are nasty people and we are well rid of them”

  2. In other news, I see that according to the BBC, same sex participants in ‘dancing on ice’ is a more newsworthy item than the partial shutdown of London by anarchist fruit loops while the police stand around doing bugger all.

  3. Dennis, Fish Farmer to the Rich and Famous

    Don’t you worry about Richard Murphy. Whenever he trips over reality he always manages to stand up, dust himself off, and carry on as if nothing happened. Oh, he might bleat about California’s tax laws being insufficiently draconian, but other than that you won’t hear a thing.

  4. A progressive society requires intense top down management and heavy taxation. You’ll never be able to achieve one so long as people can just up and move away. The Russians and Chinese have long understood this and restrict or manage mobility. What farmer doesn’t corral his sheep? Or at least manage them with big dogs?

  5. You lucky Californians, apparently PG&E are going to cut off lots of rural customers because of dry wind conditions. I guess they don’t want to be accused of starting forest fires again.

    This will be our lot in a few years, but for other reasons.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    Coyote Blog was complaining recently that those Californians are moving to Arizona and agitating for the same idiotic laws and regulations that made California an economic basket case. The work regs are so bad in California that he’s stopped bidding for camping franchises in the state.

  7. @Bloke in North Dorset October 9, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    They’re moving to Texas too and doing the same – native Texans are becoming worried.

    It’s like Labour Jews moving to USA because of Corbyn Labour, then voting Democrat

    The Left never give up on “Let’s try socialism again, it might work this time”

  8. Is anyone surprised?

    People leave Pakistan and then try and recreate Pakistan in their local area.
    People leave India then try and recreate India in their local area.
    And so on.

    So what do you expect people leaving California to do? Integrate into the local population and take on local values and culture? No. They try and bring the very thing they were leaving for all the people around them whether they want it or not.

  9. I’m leaving California as soon as I can retire. Mainly because of burdensome taxes on top of oppressive regulations (or was it the other way around). We have sold our businesses as the labor costs have soared. I approve of the SALT limit on deductions because it limits the subsidy California gets from low tax states. I definitely won’t be trying to bring that culture to whichever state I retire to.

  10. I wonder how many Brits know what a Mojave Green is? Gotta step carefully around them. We decided to stay in CA when we retired. Family & friends nearby. It’s not a bad place if you can move to an area where the traffic is not too bad, you own your house outright, and still have the balmy weather. But they’ve made it a hard place for a young person to get ahead.

  11. It’s not just Tax that’s driving people out of California, it’s demographic change as well. And as BiND points out, the ‘refugees’ then demand more of the same wherever they end up.

  12. Recall that, as of 2018, the US limited the partial federal subsidy of high state taxes (putting a cap on the amount the taxpayer can claim as a deduction against his federal tax–the SALT (state-and-local-taxes) mentioned by Mojave Greenie above). So, above $10,000, Californians now feel the full brunt of a state tax increase.

  13. I see your Crotalus scutulatus and raise you one Crotalus adamanteus.

    I beat.

    Crotalus adamanteus is proof God doesn’t love us.

  14. @Spike

    The “SALT” tax deductions are insane, Trump should have abolished them. He went for $10,000 cap in 2018, but should have added “and will half every year, and end in 2022”

    For UK, SALT is equivalent to reducing your Income Tax by whatever your Council Tax is (reduce, not tax [rate] deductible)

    On importing culture:

    Why is it not racist when Brits visit/move overseas and locals complain about them?

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