Presumably this is the reason why

Assistant principal allegedly had sex with student for months

That virile energy of the fit and young could be an attraction…..

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  1. And he complained?

    Surely it was a sex education practical?

    And it’s a school for gifted children. Gifted in what way?

  2. Witchie, I doubt he complained, but only confessed to the authorities investigating the rumors. I can never understand women. Boys talk & snagging a teacher provides bragging rights. How can fem teachers not know? My best friend had an affair with his HS teacher, but he was doing the seducing. He told all the boys of his trophy. Many doubted him, so he gathered several to listen in to him talking on the phone with her about it. Tiz nuts though to think it harmful to boys. They become heroes. As noted, I don’t understand fems, so maybe HS girls are harmed, or some are, others are not. Psychologists say merely being improperly touched can lead to depression & all sorts to mental problems. Whatever?! Fems are tooooo complicated.

    As to gifted. If you observe how young some of the boys are these fem teachers are doing, it must be true, “Size doesn’t matter.”

  3. I became a teen whilst living in our hotel. No need to shag teachers*, many staff and customers enjoyed being seduced by owner’s eldest son. Even better, parents had no idea what was going on..

    * Except the biology teacher who was also a customer – free private tutorials allegedly

  4. They become heroes.

    Maybe sometimes, but definitely not always. The two boys at my school weren’t very happy about the fall-out when their liaisons with a teacher were discovered.

    They certainly were not heroes to the parents. Nor their girl-friends (and they lost any chance of getting replacement ones as well). The boys mostly thought they were losers.

  5. Chester,

    Was your school a Church School? With my friends success, before he blew it & told others beside me (I told him to keep his mouth shut), I started work on his teacher’s friend, another pretty young teacher. She rebuffed me & sent my “love note” to the Dean who called me in for a scolding, not too bad though. My buddy told me his teacher said my target talked about me joking it would upset her husband, i.e. she was by no means offended. I was definitely attracted to her.

    My observation is mostly moms don’t want their boys to, . . , well, become men too soon, but not dad’s for thier sons.

    As to gf’s, your boys would have lost them shagging anyone else, but I don’t think they’d have trouble gaining others in most schools. My buddy was a big, tall, handsome, blue-eyed HS football player (got a college football scholarship) &, if anything, he was more attractive to the coeds, but he already was, so I’m not sure that is measurable. But I am certain it did him no harm among his peers, boys or girls.

  6. Chester,
    BTW, my buddy was not happy abou the fall-out either cuz he did like the teacher as a teacher, friend & lover. She was not reported to the law, but she was fired & he knew it hurt her. He lost a good thing & he knew it. He told me many times he wished he’d listened to me & kept his mouth shut.

  7. Ted S, Catskill Mtns, NY, USA

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people take the attitude of “I wish *I* could have fvcked a hot teacher when I was that age, so this should be legal.”

  8. Lisa is going to have a hard rest of her life. That’s my conclusion from watching the Louis Theroux documentary including a teacher mom who couldn’t see her kids because she was classified as a rapist. It was heartbreaking, might well have been more to it that that but bloody hell.

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