Prominent figures from the arts and academia have piled pressure on Nicola Sturgeon ahead of the SNP conference by publishing their own “declaration of independence”.

The 50 signatories – including actor Brian Cox, author Val McDermid and historian Sir Tom Devine – said staying in the Union meant Scots giving up their right to “decide their own destiny”.

Now put “European” in front of that union and it’s an anathema that anyone should or even could possibly believe that independence might be a reasonable idea.

Odd that, eh?

20 thoughts on “Quite so”

  1. If they can leave the Union–we can leave the EU. A declaration signed by millions saying we leave 31/10/19 and obey NONE of their laws and edicts thereafter.

  2. Hello, it’s me: Dundee’s greatest living actor, Brian Cox. You may remember me from such films as “Super Troopers”, and “Super Troopers 2: The Time Is Meow”.

    As the most proudly patriotic Scottish nationalist in the USA, I urge my fellow Scots to seize the opportunities of independence. Just like my character in “The Ringer” did when he bet on the Special Olympics.

    We actors are well known for our carefully-considered, thoughtful and nuanced political advice, so I feel sure that you will agree to do as I say, or you’re right-wing scum.

    When I was working on the movie “Braveheart”, people doubted Mel Gibson’s ability to convincingly depict a Scotsman. But I took Mel under my wing, and look at him now: an alcoholic racist. You’re welcome.

    Anyway, I must dash – I hear they’re casting “Garfield 3: Skritchin’ In The Kitchen”.

    Ciao x

    Legendary actor and proud republican Brian Cox CBE

  3. Ecks: “If they can leave the Union–we can leave the EU.”

    With apologies to the decent Scots on here, I think Ecks has a point.

    We are arguing over Northern Ireland, but the Northern Irish want to stay in the Union. And the Scots want to leave and remain in the EU.

    Can we do a different deal with the EU? We keep Northern Ireland and they can have Scotland?

    That surely has to be a win-win all round. The EU are currently insisting on a border in the Irish Sea; no problem – we’ll re-erect Hadrian’s Wall (maybe nearer to Glasgow / Edinburgh if the Borders want to stay?). The Scots are happy, the Irish are happy, and probably lots of English will be happy if we no longer have to keep listening to all those ghastly socialists like Sturgeon, Salmond, Blackwood and the rest?

  4. Dennis, Septic to the Masses

    Odd that, eh?

    Wogs being unable to think straight isn’t exactly unusual or infrequent.

  5. I could see a case for Scottish independence if it meant leaving the EU and the UK. Perhaps NATO too: Scotland could always freeload on NATO just like the Irish Republic.

    But the idea of cleaving to the EU while cleaving from the UK strikes me as mad. Or corrupt. Anyway, dishonourable and rather disgusting.

    Roll on The Borders, and Dumfries and Galloway, announcing that they are proclaiming independence from Scotland and remaining in the UK.

    The United Kingdom of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Southern Scotland sounds OK to me. Orkney and Shetland might also like to consider their future. The United Kingdom of England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Southern Scotland, and the Northern Isles also sounds OK. That’s assuming that O & S don’t join a United Kingdom of Norway, Orkney, and Shetland.

  6. Come to that, might Denmark and Norway form a union one day to protect themselves from the Islamic Republic of Sweden?

  7. Come to that, might Denmark and Norway form a union one day to protect themselves from the Islamic Republic of Sweden?

    Denmark announced just today that they’re implementing border checks on the bridge from Sweden:

    (Amazingly, that article doesn’t mention either islam or immigration at all. So all the “Violent crime in Sweden, with assailants using firearms and high explosives” can’t possible be due to the massive cultural enrichment the Swedes have been enjoying in recent years.)

  8. A bit like when Quebec tried to break away from Canada (twice!) but also went on to say that, should they succeed in breaking away, Native tribes in Quebec would not be able to leave Quebec and rejoin Canada. 😉

  9. I always throw up a little whenever I encounter the “Prominent figures from the arts and academia” lark.

    But I’m probably not in the right Social Circles to appreciate the flatulent tosspottery coming from those quarters.

  10. Could we persuade the Scots and the Northern Irish to swap places? That way the Scots could join with Ireland and stay in the EU, thus solving the border problem. the Irish Loyalists could be fully part of the UK, everyone is happy. Or am I being too silly?

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ But there can’t be border controls in the EU!”

    We were in a motorhome park in Luxembourg last night and it was the first time for a long time we’ve had to show passports in a Schengen country. No problems in Germany, so far. Perhaps the free movement pillar is crumbling.

    (This is our first motorhome trip, in the past it’s been a car and using small hotels and pubs.)

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    Slightly OT….

    Am amusing misread of a rugby news story had me thinking that typhoon Haggis has led to Scotland’s exit from the World Cup.

  13. Dennis, He Who Has Gagged On Haggis

    When I was working on the movie “Braveheart”, people doubted Mel Gibson’s ability to convincingly depict a Scotsman. But I took Mel under my wing, and look at him now: an alcoholic racist. You’re welcome.

    Now that’s funnier than Richard Murphy trying to explain how he’s a radical. Good job, RL.

  14. @PF October 10, 2019 at 1:45 pm

    Sounds good to me.

    Border: West Scotland from Strathclyde up leaves UK for EU. Dundonians offered home swaps.

    EU should be happy: millions of socialists

  15. I mean at some point the Scots have to realise letting Jimmy Cranky yap on will annoy England into declaring independence. You can only flirt with national socialism for so long before it gets tiresome to the neighbours….

  16. Swapping Scottish SNP voters with NI Unionists is an excellent idea. The Unionists’ ancestors came from Scotland and I suspect the SNP vote is disproportionately papist.

    The newly-independent NI can then either go it alone or join the Republic.

  17. The majority in Scotland did not vote for independence. One might think they don’t want it. There’s every chance that they’d vote that way again and that the prospect of lone EU membership as a small nation might not appeal after seeing how such nations are treated. To declare some sort of independence in these circumstances may only be a pipe dream of idiots (in the dictionary definition) but it is dangerous just the same.

  18. Scotland receives billions in subsidies from the UK, and is substantially over-represented at Westminster.

    The UK pays billions in contributions to the EU and is significantly under-represented at the Berlaymont.

    If, despite this, the sweaties still vote for Joxit, I for one will wish them a fair sea and a prosperous voyage.

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