Rather the problem, isn’t it….

Richard Murphy says:
October 7 2019 at 10:03 am
The EU can offer….or at least propose

The EU is good at finding ways around rules

Rather one of the points of rules is to limit what the rulers may do to us.

16 thoughts on “Rather the problem, isn’t it….”

  1. What I would say is that this is among the first times he has come out with a statement that is accurate albeit if taken out of context:

    ‘The EU is good at finding ways around rules’

    Impossible to argue with that – especially as relates to the Eurozone or earlier referenda.

  2. Rules? The Irish backstop is a rule, isn’t it?

    “I really don’t want to kill myself, but unless you shackle yourself to me and pay me £39bn, I shall have to slit my throat”.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ The EU is good at finding ways around rules’” ….

    All hail the EU.

    Boris Johnson tries to apply rules to delivery democratic decision …

    Leavers delenda est.

  4. A totally evil Guardian article

    Tries to dehumanise normal Leave politicians as like Oswald Mosely and suggests they should all be deplatformed from the BBC

    To label @Nigel_Farage @BorisJohnson @patel4witham as far right is nothing but an attempt to stoke more hatred & division in a country already divided by the actions of the left

    Yet hundreds of people have retweeted it and only 5% call it out

    Omitted context : Moseley was in a lot of parties including being 8 years in the Labour party where he was a cabinet minister and he founded two united Europe parties

    Also, Mosley was supporting a Foreign power – Germany; today Remainers are supporting a Foreign power – Germany.

    If BBC should de-platform anyone it’s remainers

  5. @pcar – the guardian can find the far right in anything – i’m sure that they’d label my cat as literally hitler, because he raises his right paw to push open a door – obviously the cat is giving a nazi salute.

    As per the eat babies thing – i read somewhere that it was a trolling by some less than left wing group, but because the dems seem to be crazy anyway it was taken at face value.

  6. Pcar

    Andy Beckett – what a complete and utter Graun wazza. Every time someone suggests that we may finally have reached Peak Guardian – no chance..

  7. I do like the idea of Boris telling them that if they force us to stay he’s going to start vetoing stuff on the grounds that we can’t commit to anything when we aren’t going to stay and don’t really want to be there.
    I’m sure there’s plenty of ways that the EUs own rules can be used against them and I’m sure the Brexit party MEPs would be happy to assist as much as they can

  8. @moqifen

    Yep, saw that “eat babies not lefty” claim; I don’t buy it given AOC’s defence of her.

    Far right: our dogs must be as they hold up right paw for a treat when “Sit, Paw” said.


    Farage and TBP have said they will use every tactic they can to be disruptive in EU. BoJo allegedly threatening to install Farage as UK EU Commissar is wonderful

    As for the Guardian – inciting crime inc murder, colluding with terrorists and a foreign power ruling UK

    If a Brexiter wrote opposite to Andy Beckett, police would raid & arrest him at 6am with full media coverage for hate speech, incitement etc

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