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Back with more questions.

We’re going to be launching the CT again in the next few days. We cannot just launch it on here as is gogle banned and we’d ideally like to earn some advertising revenue.

We have a few options, one is to use a simple theme on wordpress (like this one, but its quite limited and is no longer updated) i have uploaded all the old CT content to a test blog as a content store for now. If anyone wold like to suggest designs or themes i’ll take a look.

Ideally i would like to use the Ghost platform ( instead of wordpress, its very very simple and very very fast but does not come with native comments… so..How do you feel about Disqus? We quite like the way it works and can turn off any comment moderation, as well as anonymous commenting. Some of you would have to make an exception for Java in this instance..

I’d like some input before rushing ahead.

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  1. You might like to add https to this site via Letsencrypt. Google have said they will push http only sites down their search rankings

  2. I’d caution strongly against any forum that requires registration. Whatever you do now to enter name and email is enough. Tim Newman’s blog Desert Sun seems very handy in this regard. Maybe ask him?

  3. As per my reply last time you asked:

    .. Ditch and take control – use a VPS
    .. Javascript – No
    .. Disqus – No
    .. https – yes, via Letsencrypt & auto renew using a server script

  4. Ghost whatsit might be fast now, but the moment you start adding someone else’s ad servers in, and then add Disqus, everything slows right down again.

    And Disqus is shit.

  5. Personally not keen on anything that requires javascript to see content. I will put up with enabling it to post a comment even if it is for another site, but it raises the barrier for me.
    To be fair I am not a typical web user: I generally run noscript and also adblock but without a list, I just block egregious flashing/animated ads or disgusting/offensive ones; once you stop JS you rarely see annoying ads anyhow.
    Disqus is annoying, you have to enable it just to see comments not just to add them, so I will generally not see them. Again much of your audience might not be like me, depends who you wish to appeal to.

  6. Have had numerous issues with Disqus and rarely works, especially not on mobile devices.
    It is possible to have it show comments even if not logged in though as I’ve seen sites with that

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    If you can’t use Google ads its hard to see how you monetise this sort of content. A lot of serious new content is being demonetised by Google – I was reading about a YouTube video on free speech that has been demonetised and someone else who did a series on the 10 Commandments had the one on murder demonetised because it used the word murder. Google’s algorithms are running amok.

    The model of the future that cuts out Google seems to be moving towards part free as a teaser and then subscription for the main content via a voluntary Patreon contribution, although that tends to be podcasts not blogs.

    Perhaps those who don’t like Disquss and want to continue with somewhere they can freely rant might want to sign up to Patreon on a production basis, say 10p an article?

  8. I use Disqus a lot. I like the fact that I can have an anonymous identification on the Web which nevertheless carries over to a good few other web sites, and does not instantly ban you for using politically non-correct language.

    Any blog which encourages free comment in the 2010s needs to operate an anonymous ID system. It is an appalling comment on the trajectory of discussion in the 2000s that this should be so…

  9. Like most of your commenters, I’ll say avoid Disqus, it’s a PITA. Not requiring Javascript to see the blog is also A Good Thing – I run NoScript for safety and any site which doesn’t show anything without JS never gets visited again.

  10. The benefit of WordPress is that it is simple, cheap and easy to to extend. For example you could use the Edit Flow plug in to reproduce some features of I used to use Bitnami servers on AWS for WordPress but have never regretted my decision to move to a WordPress host. When shit happens they fix it.

    Monetizing eyeballs is hard and is the real challenge faced by the CT. The two opposite ends of the spectrum are 1000 True Fans who each pay a large subscription and 1m unique visitors who click ads.

  11. I don’t mind Disqus, but on my blog I just use the built-in WordPress comments system with the Akismet spam filter on. I don’t even require an e-mail, in order to make commenting as easy and painless as possible.

  12. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    Any chance you could clear up the ‘Hardly Trivial’ side bar on this site, load of dead blogs and broken links in there….

  13. Last time I used Disqus, found it assembled my comments IN DIFFERENT FORUMS into a lifetime dossier useful only to trolls and busybodies.

    I will enable JavaScript for you, will disclose email to you, will not enable Disqus. Am running Firefox 10 on the kitchen table and will visit less often if I have to fire up the big machine.

  14. Disqus is easy to install and manage – it hasn’t become as popular as it is for no reason.

    Unfortunately it offers no privacy at all. Dodgy Geezer (October 23, 2019 at 6:59 am) explains why, but clearly doesn’t understand the implications of what he is writing: ‘I can have an anonymous identification on the Web which nevertheless carries over to a good few other web sites’.

    Every site you visit and every comment you make on it it kept centrally. Let’s call it a profile.

    The only way round this problem is to use a commenting system that doesn’t share its users across other websites. There are some available, but I don’t have time to comment on them in detail at the moment – sorry.

  15. Spike is correct. He beat me to it.

    I have Firefox 70. I assume when Spike is not surfing the web with Firefox 10 he is playing Packman

  16. @Richard October 22, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    As i said, echion is just a content store for now.

    Where, when? Why were you using them to host CT – cost pm was what?

    I have proper Amazon Servers ready to go.

    Out of big Co into bigger Co – not taking back control.

    Small Co VPS cheaper and more flexible – 1Tb data pm on a 10Gb/s pipe for <£100pa – too difficult?

    @moo October 22, 2019 at 10:49 pm
    @Arthur the Cat October 23, 2019 at 8:25 am


    Enable JS to see content/articles – nope = site ignored

    Enable JS to see comments – nope = site boring, rarely visited eg CT

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