Some Royal wealth is conspicuous. Take Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House, for example: both were bought with public funds and qualify for taxpayer support when they are used for official business. They remain the Queen’s private property, all the same.

Balmoral was bought with Albert’s private funds, wasn’t it?

Anyone know more about this?

Mr Baker, an MP for 18 years,

Did Baker claim mileage when he used his own car on public business?

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  1. Less obvious are the breathtaking tax breaks, the lavish state subsidies and an all-encompassing secrecy that hides the Windsors’ gluttonous excesses.

    What gluttonous excesses? Considering their wealth, they are remarkably restrained. And that’s ultimately what exercises the public. Mike Ashley exploiting his staff? He’s a bad guy. The Queen admiring her ancestors’ portraits in her valuable stamp collection? It’s hard to get worked up about that.

  2. Thing is there isn’t actually much difference between the rich and poor any more, on a ‘stuff’ level. That is to say the rich have pretty much the same stuff that everyone else does, only a bit nicer and more flash. In fact I suspect a Bugatti Veron is less easy to use purely as a mode of transport than a VW Golf. The rich have private jets, the masses have Easy jet. They’re both flying. As for food, there a lot more gluttony going on in Tesco than Buckingham Palace. The customers of the former are certainly fatter than the inhabitants of the latter. There’s probably a bigger TV in the average council flat than the Royal palaces. The days of there being consumer goods that the rich could afford that the masses can’t is long gone, as is the idea that the rich are fat and the poor are thin. We can all afford the basic product, often all thats left between the two is the rich buy expensive versions of the same product just to show they can.

    There are two things money buys you today is the absence of other people, and (ironically given the first point) other people’s labour. You can live in a castle in the middle of nowhere and be waited on hand and foot. But the comfort level of your day to day life will be largely the same as a person in a 3 bed semi. Possibly less if your castle is draughty.

  3. Simple answer. Restore all Crown lands to their rightful owners, including the income therefrom. Then the various allowances can be cancelled.
    Of course should a Royal personage then be required to perform a public service , say opening Parliament, they should be paid the market rate- which would be fairly high given that they have an inbuilt monopoly.
    I’m not convinced that the public purse would benefit, but it would be fair and transparent.

  4. Given the various shenanigans MPs have been involved in they aren’t really in much of a position to point fingers.
    Even some of the female MPs seem aghast at how far some of the other female MPs are trying to push maternity rights for themselves

  5. The article incorrectly states the Sovereign Grant is much greater than the Civil List, which it replaced. The Sovereign Grant also replaced the Property and Travel Grants-in-Aid. Add those in and the numbers were not hugely different.

  6. Neither Balmoral nor Sandringham were purchased by the State. Balmoral was bought by Prince Albert and he was about to buy Sandringham when he died and Victoria completed the purchase.
    So MP knows SFA and spouts BS. How unusual.

  7. Jim,

    “Thing is there isn’t actually much difference between the rich and poor any more, on a ‘stuff’ level.”

    There’s still a price for quality, but the seriously expensive stuff is about something else. Like I spend the extra to have Charles Tyrwhitt shirts over high street. I probably spend £30-35 instead of £20 for a shirt. They’re nicer shirts and they last. But those £90 Ralph Lauren shirts are no better. Same with how Aldi aged sirloin steak is a few quid more per kilo than rump. But you go buying organic steak from Abel and Cole and you more than double the price.

    A lot of people don’t understand the effects of robots and computers. Toyotas aren’t just cheaper than Maseratis, they’re better built, because robots are better than humans.

  8. I only skimmed it but I did enjoy the ruse of implying that if Toni Blair stuck up for royal customs then the customs must be bent.

  9. ”I only skimmed it but I did enjoy the ruse of implying that if Toni Blair stuck up for royal customs then the customs must be bent.”

    Blair most probably believe he would become the Monarch at some point in the future, a socialist President for life role, so didn’t want to upset the gravy train.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Best explanation of utility value between rich and poor was the fridge. A £100 fridge keeps milk and meat just as fresh as a £1000 fridge.

  11. Wiki says that Sandringham was bought by Prince Albert the younger, the one who became King Edward, not Prince Albert the Prince Consort.

    And an interesting wrinkle is that the current Royals had to buy them again from the former Edward 8, as they were his property by inheritance. If they really were Royal properties, they would have translated across to George along with the Crown.

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