Should probably stop messing with the clocks then

UK weather forecast – Britain is hit by three weeks of rain in 36 hours

8 thoughts on “Should probably stop messing with the clocks then”

  1. It’s like tax refunds at this time of year; everyone goes on about how nice it is to get the extra hour, but they forget that you only get it because the government took it off you six months ago.

  2. Sunday TV Interviews: Marr, Ridge etc

    Hammond* insults Johnson & Leave, distorts & lies, then “Customs Union Deal is A Win for remainers and our aim”; Abbot waffles; Swinson contradicts; Frank Field, good except “Representatives/Delegates” confusion – Ridge diverts to “39 victims” Field waffles*; Nicky “If Boris wins, I resign” Morgan “End uncertainty” by backing uncertainty treaty – words not belief; and more

    * Hammond raises Leave “damage economy” again – will he, Millar, Major, Jolly Jo et al be taking a Corbyn GE win to court?

    * Field waffles – EU Law since circa 2000 has been all passengers on ships (even NI-Scot) must be declared before boarding and cleared before embarkation

    The establishment doesn’t want any kind of Brexit – Sky Aus
    “The United Kingdom’s separation from the European Union is being blocked because the establishment doesn’t want any kind of Brexit, Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill”

    “Poisonous little quisling Bercow” – lovely jubbly : )

  3. When I see Hammond, Letwin, Osborne and Bercow I begin to feel some of the hatred towards Conservatives which seems to drive most of Liverpool.

  4. When I was paid for time on standby, 25% of the going rate which was double time on sunday, I made a special point of claiming the extra hour in the autumn. I may have carelessly forgotten in the spring.

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