Critics call out Extinction Rebellion’s race problem

Eh? It’s the human race they don’t like.

“Live from the royal courts of justice,” Extinction Rebellion London wrote. “It has been announced that all protesters arrested during the April rebellion will be prosecuted. We are asking the police and legal system to concentrate on issues such as knife crime, and not non-violent protesters who are trying to save our planet.”

For those with ears tuned to hear it, the dogwhistle sounded clear. Stop bothering us non-violent protesters; focus instead on those frightening inner-city neighborhoods, where black children carry knives.

“It was feeding into a racist narrative,” says Guppi Bola, an activist with the Wretched of the Earth, an environmental group that focuses on black, brown, and indigenous voices. “When those kinds of things come up, then of course you are not going to feel welcome.”

I think Guppi can fuck off here, don’t you think?

27 thoughts on “Sirsly?”

  1. Extinction Rebellion v the Sepoy Mutiny

    Mind you, Indians pretending to like blackies are absolutely shameless liars, and may Gandhi’s dangly brown testicles strike them down.

    I know plenty of Hindoos and Sikhs and if Racism had a CEO, it’d be an Indian chappie or she-chap (but a Chinaman would probably steal their IP). It’s only stupid white people who think racism is a mortal sin or something, which is why Guppy is using it as a rhetorical shiv against them.

  2. Absolutely not. Encourage them, send them arms shipments.

    If X-R weren’t in drag and whiteface they’d be wall to wall old gammon. Just look at the fuckers.

  3. ’… an environmental group that focuses on black, brown, and indigenous voices.’

    Excellent! I’m indigenous. Reckon she speaks for me??

    Nah. Didn’t think so.

  4. Every one of them who was obstructing the highway should be prosecuted for, you know, obstructing the highway, blade or no blade.

  5. I am intrigued, though. As I have pointed out here before, the only gun violence problem in the U.S. is with black men. 6.5% of the population commit 55% of murders with firearms.

    Is the knife crime epidemic in England the same, is it primarily within ethnic group(s)?

  6. A friend of mine used to breed guppies. I couldn’t see the point, they would just move around lethargically, their mouths opening and closing but nothing coming out that was of any interest. Nominative determinism much?

  7. Guppi can most certainly Foxtrot Oscar. Mind you so can XR. I just wish the police used their batons a bit more to get these twats to move quicker. Pity no one on the aircraft forcibly ejected that idiot yesterday too.

  8. If I heard on the news that Guppi had been shanked outside a Mississippi Fried Chicken ‘shop’ I think it would raise a titter.

  9. Most extinction rebellion people are quite because they’re the idle rich.

    It’s like when you go to university open days and the women around medicine are heavily Asian. Why women programmers in companies are about 80% Asian.

  10. Steve,

    “I know plenty of Hindoos and Sikhs and if Racism had a CEO, it’d be an Indian chappie or she-chap (but a Chinaman would probably steal their IP). It’s only stupid white people who think racism is a mortal sin or something, which is why Guppy is using it as a rhetorical shiv against them.”

    Most Hindus and Sikhs I know make Farage look like a bleeding heart liberal. Capitalism? Fans. Racism? Yeah. Exiting the EU? Hell yeah. Stringing up criminals by the goolies? Yip yip yip.

  11. “Perhaps she should campaign in the Third World then?”

    K, I’m further intrigued. How did you know that ‘Guppi’ is a female?

  12. BoM4:

    There is talk that some Indian people might be a tad Islamophobic as well, what with that whole partition thing.

    Still, it’s good to know that our betters have imported the Kashmir conflict as well as their other contributions to diversity such as the Sunni-Shia divide, so when it all kicks off we can rest assured that it’s going to be truly vibrant.

  13. @ Gamecock
    This XR statement is trying to deflect blame from XR after more than all of the Metropolitan Police’s spare resources were used to deal with their childish antics and two schoolboys (at least one of whom seems to have been completely innocent) got murdered in London within five hours.
    Knife crime in England is largely within a racial group (both murderers and victims being second/third-generation Afro-Caribbean male youths) and largely in London but it is not exclusively so (there was a picture of a fat white schoolboy who had got a light sentence for killing his Asian “friend” in an argument about robbing a drug dealer).

  14. How did you know that ‘Guppi’ is a female?

    Gender is a social construct don’tcha know, like a Meccano set, so I went ahead and constructed it.

  15. Much as I despise XR the Met having to police their buffoonery didn’t lead to more black kids stabbing each other to death. Unless we plan on having about a million police officers patrolling London you aren’t going to stop them. The problem is five decades in the making and the police can do almost nothing to solve it.

  16. There’s quite a lot of knife crime between as well as within minority ethnic groups, because gangs tend to be built around ethnicity. So Windies v Pakis; Turkish v Greek Cypriots etc.

  17. Just keep in mind that all these people are Leninists.

    Consistency isn’t desirable. What matters is how you can hurt your ideological rivals to achieve dominance. The only question you should ever have is ‘is this argument effective *right now*?’ If a different, contradictory, argument is effective tomorrow then don’t worry about consistency – just use it.

    Remember in 1984 when O’Brien explains the Party. ” Power is not a means, it is an end.” What you’re seeing is the beginning of this. They’ll use any tool to achieve dominance because power is their goal.

  18. @JuliaM

    Indigenous….Rod Liddle

    Exciting news from the BBC, where every employee has just received a flyer from the Director-General, Lord Hall, informing them about the creation of a new post — Director of Creative Diversity. Should they all apply? Certainly, when I found out about it, I thought I might throw my hat in the ring. I’d immediately employ some heterosexual weathermen and maybe a white presenter or reporter on the London regional news programmes — and then make Dominic Cummings the head of current affairs, if he has any spare time.

    That would introduce a little diversity into New Broadcasting House, I think. I might also impel Radio 4 to ration the number of programmes in which women moan about stuff, suggesting that a more diverse approach would be to have cheerful women sprinkled around the output; and maybe even, on rare occasions, have a programme presented by a chap. I’d also remove that woman from The News Quiz, the one who never ever says anything funny but just responds to every question with a fatuous slice of Corbynista propaganda, leaving the audience in slightly embarrassed silence. I don’t know her name, but I think she’s gay — although very much not in the old meaning of the term.

    There is so much one could do to improve the BBC and make it more creatively diverse. The corporation has made great strides over the past decade or so to improve both its gender balance and racial balance on screen, and last year Ofcom reported (in a review of peak output) that among younger presenters, women comprised 50 per cent of the total and that presenters or actors from black backgrounds now exceeded, in percentage terms, that of the general population — indeed, was close to double that of the general population.

    So the BBC’s diversity in these necks of the woods seems to be on track. The need for a Director of Creative Diversity must therefore have come about as a consequence of a justifiable worry that the BBC was somehow failing to represent diversity of opinion within its output, I thought to myself. The liberal echo chamber in which these people exist, which has been revealed by countless reports as well as in the baleful comments from departing staffers such as John Humphrys, Michael Buerk, John Sergeant, Robin Aitken and so on, is at last being challenged! I must spruce up my CV and get my application in.

    But alas no. The Director of Creative Diversity has already been appointed. This was not a job open to either members of the public or BBC workers — it was simply an appointment: no shortlist of candidates, no other candidates at all, so far as I can tell*. Just an agreeable chat with one person, perhaps over a cup of coffee and a plate of those biscuits you always find at the BBC but never see sold in shops — sort of organic Abernathy which you can dunk in your coffee as long as you like but they never soften. Ah well. But perhaps this appointee will be well equipped to counter the numbing lack of diversity of opinion within the BBC, especially upon that most pressing of issues, Brexit? Without question. The first Director of Creative Diversity for the BBC is June Sarpong, who you may remember from children’s television programmes some time ago. She has since become a left-wing activist and a kinda journalist and — get this — was on the board of the campaigning organisation ‘Britain Better In Europe’. Yep, June’s really going to shake them up.

    You wonder how the BBC can be so impervious to criticism of its evident bias, its relentless, emetic, right-on wokefulness, given that the question of its licence fee and charter hangs ever more precariously in the balance. Every report into the BBC’s stance on Euroscepticism, be it the independent Taylor Report or the Institute for Economic Affairs study from 2017, concluded that it was biased in favour of the Remainer cause. And yet each time the BBC brushes the complaints aside.

    How does one begin to explain its insouciance, its aloofness from these charges? The only answer I can see is that so unanimous is the weight of opinion within the BBC that it is impartial that there must be something errant and amiss, or simply politically motivated, in the attacks which pour down upon the corporation. And that, following from this, perhaps it has taken the novelist Ian McEwan’s view that the time has long since passed to stop pretending that the two sides to the Brexit debate are equally valid and that quite plainly Remain is in the right. But I do wish sometimes the BBC bosses would read the comments left by readers (and therefore, whether they like it or not, licence-fee payers) below the line on newspaper articles dealing with the BBC’s bias. They are almost always 80 per cent hostile to the corporation, regardless of what newspaper the story is published in. The BBC is somehow losing touch with the public which pays for its existence.

    Some previous DGs have attempted, with some success, to grapple with the BBC’s culture. Sir John Birt recognised that the corporation had simply failed to understand the appeal of Margaret Thatcher to an enormous swath of the electorate. He instilled a certain rigour into the BBC’s reporting and tried to banish the easy assumptions made by the corporation’s journos. Greg Dyke — not in the same league as Birt as a DG overall — transformed the BBC’s business coverage so that commerce was not always seen as a lamentable motor of capitalism, to be held in perpetual suspicion. Lord Hall needs to grasp that the BBC’s increasing identification with the mores and values of the small but voluble liberal elite is losing it popular support in the country. Because if June Sarpong is the answer, Lord Hall is clearly asking the wrong question.

    PS The BBC says the job was advertised on its website, location ‘flexible, with travel to London’. Damn. I missed my chance

    @Gamecock October 12, 2019 at 11:32 am

  19. “I am intrigued, though. As I have pointed out here before, the only gun violence problem in the U.S. is with black men. 6.5% of the population commit 55% of murders with firearms.

    Is the knife crime epidemic in England the same, is it primarily within ethnic group(s)?”

    Apparently the numbers line up quite closely in London… but it is of course hideously racist to notice this.

  20. I’m not going to complain; the more the Woke attack each other over smaller and smaller imaginary infringements, the better. Keeps them busy attacking themselves, and puts off the vast majority of sensible people even more.

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