So here’s a question

We’ve these World Masters Track Cycling races. And there’s a subset: Female 35-39 Time Trial

OK. Is there prize money for this?

And if so, how much is that prize money for the bronze medallist?

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  1. I wonder if the prize money will go down, up or stay the same once sponsors see men with a gut easily beating the female competitors? As a sponsor, or advertiser, I’d be asking myself if the core audience wants to see more or less of this.

  2. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions. The winner who possesses the standard XX chromosomes beat Dr Mckinnon into second place. Mumsnet, a site I rarely frequent, is not at all displeased with the result.

  3. Dr McKinnon doth protest too much methinks.

    I’ve read the paper where she claims that a sixth of men were in or below the female range of testoterone – and I cannot find this number. Also the fact there is no difference between elite men based on testosterone (and a rather stronger result for women – which includes some outliers – the Dutee Chands of the world) doesnt tell us whether a man competing in a women’s race would have an advantage. Citing this paper shows a distinct lack of understanding of the question or dishonesty.

    ” In a recent study by Stephané Bermon and Pierre Yves Garnier, they tested over 2,000 IAAF world championship track and field athletes and found that 1/6 of the male athletes were in or below the female range of testosterone, so a disproportionate amount of elite males have very low testosterone. This study showed there is absolutely no relationship between testosterone in terms of performance in males. The relationship they found in women was weak and sporadic.”

    Paper is here

  4. Actually, the whole M->F transgenders competing in female disciplines, is cheating, but *not* because of their current hormone levels and/r self-identification.

    Those transgender athletes have been bathing their body in testorerone for years before their transition. This, of course, significantly influences muscle build and strength, especially when you also train for athletic performance.

    Post-transition, that male advantage over females is somehow supposed to be magically gone, just *poofed* y’know, as if it never happened.
    Which of course it isn’t.

    These athletes have, at least compared to real women who have been Good Girls, used *decades* of doping to build up their body. Natural doping, but when it comes to outright performance, doping it is…
    They may have been “clean” for a while, but that’s the same excuse the old USSR and east-german athletes used….. The difference has already been made…

  5. The DDR pumped their women athletes full of testosterone (and other stuff) from puberty onwards, and won everything going, back in the day.

  6. Ken probably understates it. Most veterans (“Masters”) championships cost money to enter and the winners get a medal each

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