So subeditors tell me so far

A piece in The Times tomorrow, plus a letter in The Guardian. If the second publishes as actually written they’re being rather good sports to be honest.

5 thoughts on “So subeditors tell me so far”

  1. Well, pigs might fly. I’ve just had the BBC delete my comment on Varadkar’s claims on Brexit causing a border because saying what Varadkar wants (Northern Ireland) is “off-topic”

  2. I’m reminded of the excellent TV series ‘Hot Metal’ in which tabloid newspaper The Daily Crucible had published a front page story claiming a vicar was a werewolf.

    Forced to publish a later retraction, this could be found on the puzzle page;

    “5 down – “no, he’s not”

  3. Speaking of off topic in the Guardian, they had an article about the Dodgers chances in the playoffs?!?

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