So that trade deal with 0hte US will be a good thing then, yes?

British scientists say the EU is allowing our food to be pumped full of potentially dangerous additives that have unknown long-term consequences.

Scientists fear the EU’s European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) is too eager to approve additives such as the controversial sweetener aspartame, which has been linked to increased rates of cancer, and are failing to consider the long term impact of additives on the human body.

Health campaigners say potentially dangerous food additives that are banned in the US are being allowed for use in British products because of ‘lax’ EU rules and the “weakness” of the UK’s Food Standards Authority (FSA).

Running our own policy – or even adopting the American one, would be a useful benefit of Brexit then?

Why don’t we get on with it?

6 thoughts on “So that trade deal with 0hte US will be a good thing then, yes?”

  1. Because we must first defeat the treasonous shite in the House of Traitors.

    And their equally EU owned Beak allies.–who pass “impartial” judgements and then give tee heeing lectures with mocks against Johnson as a feature.

    The old cow and her pals need the balance of their natural inside after treason convictions.

    The nature of the traitors against us would justify Johnson doing ANYTHING needed to get Brexit on 31/10/19.

  2. We need the EU to propose how they are going to prevent dodgy food and dodgy French medicines from entering the UK single market without breaching the GFA. We can’t allow our market to be tainted with poorly regulated products from Europe.

  3. ‘the controversial sweetener aspartame’


    “It’s controversial if WE say it’s controversial.”

  4. Remember that when the furore about chlorinated chicken first arose, we were told that the eu protects our food standards. At the same time millions of eggs from the netherlands were found to be contaminated and had to be destroyed. Of course this was quickly brushed under the carpet whilst remainers continued to screech about chlorinated chicken- the same as the prepackaged salads that people eat with no complaints.

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