Boris Johnson brands US ‘absolutely ruthless’ for safeguarding intelligent agent’s wife

So, the wife or the agent that’s intelligent?

7 thoughts on “Subs!”

  1. I don’t understand – this was reported last week as her being the wife of the US Ambassador, and so having diplomatic immunity. You can argue whether it covers wives and crimes like this, but that was the reporting.

    Now she is the wife of an “intelligence agent”? Spies have diplomatic immunity now? What is going on?

  2. The unintelligent wife of an intelligent intelligence agent, who got his wife out of a country where they arrest and try killers back into a country where killing “furriners” doesn’t weigh in the balance compared to the comfort of Americans. She doesn’t have the brains to remember which side of the road is left.
    The Donald made a speech about killing over 100 Iranians was disproportionate to Iran shooting down an unmanned drone – that the proposal was even considered, let alone the numbers calculated to deter Trump from mass murder, is frankly appalling.

  3. Doesn’t the UK maintain some sort of list of who’s ex-territorial and who’s not? Many countries do…

  4. @Rob
    ‘Spies’ operating in foreign will have diplomatic cover – military attache used to be favourite. But the number of people at a big embassy holding ‘diplomatic immunity’ is impressively large, down to the receptionists on the front desk.

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