That social divide

One of the two activists who climbed on top of a train at Canning town can exclusively be revealed as Mark Ovland, who had already been arrested and released “several times” this week.

The 36-year-old has been identified as the man chased along a train roof before being pulled down onto the platform.

He describes himself as a full-time Extinction Rebellion protestor who gave up his Buddhist studies to devote himself to climate change action.

Can’t think of any grants available for Buddhist studies. So, a man of private means then.

Telling people in Canning Town they can’t get to work.

Yep, that’ll work well.

13 thoughts on “That social divide”

  1. I thought it very polite of the commuters to pull the “protesters” onto the platform instead of pushing them off the other side of the train onto the 750V rail…

  2. Quite, Matt, it would have been devastating for their families and woke friends for them to have been fried by fossil fuel electricity. We should send them into exile to mine cobalt in the DRC. They can take the place of the children currently doing the mining of this “clean” mineral that helps produce batteries.

  3. He sounds like the usual bellend. His right to be so doesn’t extend to being a cunt to other people.

    Quite how these people can be arrested several times in a week for the same thing and still be at large is a complete mystery.

  4. MO: I lived in my first van for eighteen months but I had a problem with it in that it refused to reverse. Now I’m almost done converting a 30-year-old Mercedes van which as well as going backwards has a full kitchen, a wood-burner and a double bed. Van life offers a lot of freedom in that I can head off into the Welsh dales and still have my home with me so I’m able to carry on with whatever work I’m doing.

    He has a 30 year old Mercedes van, probably diesel powered. Why hasn’t he got a Nissan Leaf? Or would that take him a week to get to the Welsh Dales? What an absolute cunt.

  5. I did like the other clip where they were berating the woman glued to the train pointing out it’s electric and transit and wasn’t that what she wanted them to use.
    She looked utterly confused that she wasn’t being treated as a hero and couldn’t put together a coherent answer beyond its for the children.

  6. Bloke in Costa Rica

    These people’s willingness to become martyrs is not huge. As I always say, you know the best thing about martyrs? They’re dead. Kill two dozen of them in a really messy and headline-friendly way and they’d be on their tod. We have an opportunity to kill the Red Guards before they kill us. That’s not something that comes along all that often.

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