That tells ’em

Their judgment read: “There is no direct discrimination on grounds of sex, or age and sex combined. Necessarily, the legislation affects women only, because it was women only who previously enjoyed the advantage which is now being removed.

“But that is not to treat women less favourably than men in law; it is to equalise a historic asymmetry between men and women; it is to correct historic direct discrimination against men.”

5 thoughts on “That tells ’em”

  1. I had to retire at 60,it was a condition of my job. I was working shifts and feel that if I had worked on I may not have reached any retirement.Fortunately I had my occupational pension which although not large, gave me just enough to live on. On the occasions I needed extra cash I found myself another little job stacking shelves in a department store. My State Pension when I eventually started collecting it came as a welcome bonus..To anyone nearing retirement I say do not expect to spend your declining years swanning about but be prepared to justify every expense and cut out anything not really necessary. The days of new cars and luxury cruises is over for all but a few.

  2. The current complaint being built up is now: wah! wah! we only put 20 years into our pension, how dare we get less than people who have put 40 years in!

  3. The Pedant-General

    There was an easy way to fix this: make a massive fuss about the direct discrimination against men and, quoting such a massive injustice, bring the retirement age for men down to the same age as women.

    Then following day, put them both up and repair to the pub in time for tea and medals. 🙂

  4. @ The Pedant-General
    John Major was PM – not Alastair Campbell – so he proposed a gradual, gentle, delayed increase in the women’s retirement age so that all those affected had plenty of time to adjust to the pain of equality with men. WASPI (women against state state pension equality) are complaining that 15 years notice is inadequate.
    Nobody cares about discrimination against men (except a few Belgian motorists).

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