That’s the end of that

Yes, I know, a heart attack isn’t what it used to be.

Bernie Sanders had a heart attack, campaign says as senator leaves hospital

But social attitudes usually trail behind medical advances. I’d say that’s the end of Bernie’s campaign. Purely my reading of the American public – something subject to very large error bars – but the required imagery of forceful vitality just won’t be there.

Can’t say it breaks my heart that Bernie won’t be running the world but there we are.

14 thoughts on “That’s the end of that”

  1. Significant improvement to Warren’s chances of getting the nomination. Not only avoiding splitting the leftier Dem voters, but allows her to claim to be rather more centrist and compete for those votes too, now she has the left-wingers pretty much in the bag.

    Therefore overall this heart issue may increase rather than decrease the probability of the Left getting the Dem nomination.

  2. I agree, Tim. A heart attack at 58, maybe. At 78? Nah.

    So let’s hope Gamecock’s right and he keeps running.

  3. If the candidate might not last the term, it puts more attention on his running mate. Might Bernie – AOC ticket win the nomination?

  4. “If the candidate might not last the term, it puts more attention on his running mate. Might Bernie – AOC ticket win the nomination?”

    Bernie – Hillary. I can see it now….

  5. So Bernie out and the left happy to tarnish Biden to get at Trump, looks like another stitch up to hand nomination to the party insiders choice rather than the primary voters; a little more subtle than Hillary getting all the rigged block votes at least.
    Having played the impeachment card though when it all falls apart they may well have to go with Biden to make out that it’s a proxy for impeachment depending on what comes out of it about him of course

  6. Bernie out with a bad ticker, Biden is too sane for the loony lefties and too corrupt for the non-lunatics (both of them), so it’s going to be Lieawatha. The interesting question will be who will be plucked from the KlownKar for the VP slot.

  7. Warren would have to pick a VP such that the Swamp wouldn’t dare shoot/impeach Warren. Gabbard, perhaps.

    But if Trump has any sense he’d recruit Gabbard to his ticket.

    All assuming that the Witch doesn’t enter the contest.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    I listened to Yang again, this time on Eric Weinstein’s new podcast, I’m still impressed but I can’t see the swamp letting another outsider anywhere near the ticket.

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