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Transgender woman Ria Cooper, 25, says she has contacted police after a series of messages were sent to her over Whatsapp by a photographer who promised to help promote her career.

The west Hull woman, who became Britain’s youngest transgender woman at the age of 15, claims the man suddenly stopped all contact after discovering she was trans.

She says the man made contact after she began sending links to her fans on social media of her new glamour modelling portfolio.

During the conversation, the man said the glamour industry was small and “everyone was family” after bluntly proclaiming he couldn’t work with her because she “had a c***”.

“This is absolutely f****** disgusting behaviour,” said Ria.

There are times when discriminating between those who have had the chop and those who haven’t would seem reasonable. Having sex, making porn, would appear to be one of them.

Even in Hull.

12 thoughts on “This is fun”

  1. The link appears to be down, so I’m not clear whether she had a cock or has a cock, which might make a difference I guess.

  2. Well the positioning of the asterisks leaves it ambiguous as to whether she still has a c*** or now has a c***.

  3. Well if she has, rather than had, there’s a market for that, but s/he would want a more specialist photographer who sells to that market.

  4. A quick Googling finds Ria proudly advertising itself as a “Ladyboy with fake tits and a hard c***” so presumably our photographer didn’t do much research.

  5. This could be fake, like get a friend to do the same whatsapp. Note there’s no name…

    Most trannies are like the uncanny valley in CG. Your brain just spots there’s something wrong and I’m certain a photographer would twig faster than anyone.

  6. @ Ian B – I foolishly googled it. I know it takes all sorts but I can’t imagine anyone wanting porn with that in it.

  7. So am I right to say it’s complaining to the police because it’s not being pestered by a *photographer offering to take nudie pics of it? Obviously hasn’t got this pretending to be a woman business quite worked out yet.

    *Few of them are real photographers

  8. Dennis, Fish Farmer to the Rich and Famous

    “This is absolutely f****** disgusting behaviour,” said Ria.

    A bit of searching on the internet seems to confirm that Ria is an expert in disgusting behavior, so one cannot take her accusation lightly…

  9. Alternatively just attention seeking to raise their profile as the offers of work haven’t been as good as liked rather than genuine case.
    Could be using this to fund their operation so just trying to get a big payday to top up the fund.

  10. Pretender woman Ria Cooper can’t get anyone else to play pretend with her. So she calls the cops. Like the woman who called 9-1-1 because McDonalds was out of McNuggets.

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