Riding without a helmet.

Actually, in that sort of weather, riding without a hat.

But then the point is to be able to see that it’s him riding a horse on that mountain, nothing else.

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  1. I’ll give him this: he rides a better horse than Vlad. Although I’m not sure I want to see him stripped to the waist.

  2. off-topic but it’s good to know the BBC licence fee is being well spent;

    “The BBC’s research found that on a typical UK High Street fashion retailer’s website, 8% of women’s modelling images were “racy”, compared with 16% for online-only sites.”

  3. Inspects Paektu Mountain. I hope for the mountain’s sake that it passed inspection, otherwise it’s off to the firing range.

  4. Deal is out–ERG on board –not clear yet re DUP. They said no at 7.45 am today but were still in negos.

    Seems to be too much of Treason May’s crap inc the “level playing field” ordure in the political declaration –ie a scumbags agreement not to compete with the EU. But the talk is that it is not binding. That ALL the Treason May crap is no longer binding. I hope w have some decent lawyers around who can read quickly.

    Nearly 100 pages opf garb to read.

    However it badly weakens the remain shite bags in the HoTraitors. They said they wanted a deal. If they boot this one for more wrecking Johnson will be able to force No Deal on them I think without too much trouble.

    Esp in view of the changing public mood represented by the ER scumbags getting a kicking on the Tube this morning. The mood to do the same to scumbag traitor MPs is also growing I think.

  5. Mr Ecks

    “changing public mood represented by the ER scumbags getting a kicking on the Tube this morning”

    Say more: what’s happened here? Link?

  6. Cancel that – found it.

    I thought the whoel point was public transport good, four wheels bad – what are these ER loons on about?

  7. Bloke in North Dorset


    There’s a good one of an old woman who glued herself to an electric train. The crowd give her a real verbal kicking about her idiocy.

  8. If anybody is interested–according to Guido–Drunker has now ruled out an extension. Is that the EU making the best of it or is this BoJo version just the stitch up they wanted. Apart from NI it seems not–but don’t have full details yet.

    If true it leaves no room for amendments among Saturdays HoTraitors. They were told it would be a straight vote deal/no deal by Mogg but that turd Letwin got his bill passed allowing them to amend–but with no legal force–and debate all day. Now however seems likely they will vote for deal. Nor can–I think– the Supreme arseholes help the traitors much.

    And we can wipe our backsides on their treaty once we are out and they can’t drag us back.

    A full Martin Cotes style analysis of the Treaty is needed.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    If the EU means what it says about no extensions, and it did say no renegotiation, it means the Spartans could vote against to get no deal. It would be a big risk because I think a lot of marginal Brexiteers who wanted a deal won’t forgive them and it could play in to Corbyn’s hands.

  10. Mr Lud–Agreed–0But with 450 traitors in the house of scum maybe it will have to do –for now. Brexit once accomplished is only the start. The war has a long long way to go. We need to go the distance.

  11. @Mr Ecks October 17, 2019 at 11:54 am

    DUP say NO

    Yep; Juncker told BBC and Sky this morning – Deal agreed, no further prolongation

    He wants Brexit finished with or without deal before he stands down

    17 October 2019

    New Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland and Political Declaration on the future relationship between the UK and the EU.
    Three Documents

    Box Episode 11: the darkest day for our democracy

    More on “Err, why” thread

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