We can tell what comes next

Living next to green spaces such as parks, allotments, golf courses and playing fields can boost the price of a property by £2,500 on average, statisticians have found.

Living within 100 metres of a public green space can add thousands of pounds to property prices, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has reported.

For I actually have seen the argument made. Which is that if parks make properties worth more then we should have lots more parks. Thus all properties will be worth more.

Err, no, the parkside thing is a relative good, the one with more parkside is worth more than the one with less. This doesn’t change according to the absolute number of parksideness, only with the relative.

11 thoughts on “We can tell what comes next”

  1. Here in Sunny Azania we have a different problem. Unless you live in a gated community surrounded by a four-metre wall topped by razor wire and a nine-strand electric fence, you definitely do NOT want to live next to open ground. It’s an easy access route for those who believe that they deserve your chattel goods more than you do and are willing to redress the imbalance.

  2. Rather than a park I prefer a quiet cul-de-sac in a wealthier side of the village. Less litter than in a park.

  3. “allotments” -ok if you have one, but they are usually pretty scruffy places. Of course when the council think about putting houses on them knee jerk nimby kicks in.

  4. Twenty years ago when we were thinning out our council housing stock I argued that roads alongside parks should be clear-felled completely on the side adjoining the parkland to expand the park all the way to the road frontage instead of ending up with pepper-potted left-over houses. Didn’t happen, so we ended up with roads with odd gaps every so often. 🙁

  5. GalaPie: “Surely what we should do is get rid of all green spaces, thus creating more affordable housing?”
    and more equitable housing.

  6. Hallowed be: You must be thinking of Protected Playing Fields.
    Allotments come under Section 8, Allotments Act 1925.

  7. Hugh good knowledge! interesting there’s an act for allotments. Not really necessary now i’d have thought.

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