Well boo hoo

The Duchess of Sussex has spoken of the “really challenging” time of being a new mother in the spotlight, saying “it’s a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes”.

The Duchess, who appears emotional on screen, said pregnancy is a “really vulnerable” time, adding not many people had asked after her wellbeing.

In an on-camera interview for an ITV documentary about the Sussex’s tour to Africa, she conceded it had been a “struggle”.

One of the most privileged women in the world wants to tell us how hard it all is.

Bollocks love.

16 thoughts on “Well boo hoo”

  1. Indeed.
    Mrs Drakon and I were full of sympathy for the woman with millions of pounds and a large staff and servants to help with her child rearing.
    We were discussing how hard it must be for her on the way back from our first trip out together in two years thanks to child care demands and having bugger all help.

    Maybe someone on her press staff should take her aside and explain what a silly bint she’s being.

  2. Megan Whatever–assuming it is she cos I can’t be bothered to check.–is a lying leftist whose marriage needs to be ended…by any means expedient.

  3. This woman needs to check her privilege. I never thought I would write that but when someone at the top of the heap is so vocally needy, it’s hard not to reach for a nonsense platitude.

    Ecks, however, has strangely toned down his standard post-of-the-day for this thread.

  4. TMB–You are supposed to say “What happened to the cunt?” and I say “You’re writing in…”.

    Just trying for a little humour….

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’m fairly agnostic when it comes to having a monarchy and royal family, I don’t see much point in changing the system, but if she continues like this my republican side might start to become more dominant.

  6. With the depressing regularity that harry drags out the corpse of his mother, no doubt that as soon as he’s able to talk, Archie will be explaining to the world that he’s trans gender and from now on she wishes to be known as Princess Diana.

  7. Harry has really screwed his brand with this one. Active service & then the Invictus stuff gave him some credibility but that’s pretty much in the toilet in the UK now. Dunno if the Megan crap plays ok with the USians though.

  8. @TG

    … But currying favour with the Yanks is pretty pointless isn’t it, aside from the commercial opportunities it’s hard for the royals to directly profit from? If some grand strategy was in mind, wouldn’t it have made sense to find a suitable Canadian or better still (since they seem closer to abolition otherwise) an Australian?

  9. “But currying favour with the Yanks is pretty pointless isn’t it, aside from the commercial opportunities it’s hard for the royals to directly profit from?”

    My assumption is that what Meghan is doing is about building up her brand. And at a certain point, she’ll leave with the kids, take a fat divorce settlement and do a Gwyneth Paltrow. Like Gwyneth Paltrow could do Goop and all that other stuff because she was A list. Meghan Markle wasn’t. Becoming a royal did that for her. She’s a brand.

    And Harry is a dope with issues around his mother. That’s why he’s with Meghan. He’s a mummy’s boy and she’s fulfilling that role and he’ll do anything, however stupid, for her.

  10. I’m a full-on royalist because MPs don’t deserve more power. However, I hate this bitch. I used to think Harry was a proper man but this pussy-whipped routine is nauseating.
    Still, what can you expect? What else is there a lefty, American luvvie could do but whinge and preach?

  11. Meanwhile

    Harry of Woke says he wants to cry every time he sees or hears a camera

    EIIR Please banish the embarrassing pair to South Georgia – HM Governor of the Penguins

    Prince Philip was correct about dalliances with thespians

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