Why do we want to increase the labour that must be performed?

Jeremy Corbyn will unveil plans to create another 70,000 jobs in offshore windfarms

18 thoughts on “Why do we want to increase the labour that must be performed?”

  1. How many people work offshore per windfarm? Not a lot as the pictures do not show anything where a man can stand up

  2. @John77

    Missing the socialist point. You do not have to ‘work’ in a state owned industry in order to be ’employed’ by it.

  3. If it construction activity then it is hard to imagine where these 70,000 people will come from. I imagine that offshore construction and maintenance is a sector with negative spare capacity, ie fewer people than jobs on a global basis, before trying to expand the requirement. It takes a special kind of mind to think that people will queue up to take these jobs when there are so many who cannot even be arsed to pick fruit

  4. I know from an inside source that the engineers that maintain wind turbines are very highly qualified and have to do continuous training courses to keep their certifications up to date. Much of this is essential safety training including stuff about working at heights of course. I don’t think that the kind of people who sit watching daytime TV will be considered for any of these jobs.

  5. All those “jobs” which Steptoe intends to “Create” are entirely dependent on the subsidies which keep the “Renewable Energy” bandwagon rolling on…

  6. Let me guess, of those 70k jobs, were they to be created by State fiat, all the dangerous work on construction, ships, diving etc would be done by men, without any mention of gender bias, but a strict 50/50 male female ratio would apply to the safer land based office jobs………..

  7. @Jim

    The safer jobs would also be declared to be equivalent to the dangerous jobs so equal pay rules would apply.

  8. 69,900 of these will be in a new Head Office dedicated to ensuring the other 100 are under strict political control.

  9. Bah! I’ve just clicked through: it wasn’t a joke, it was a mistake which they have now corrected.

    I should have guessed that light-hearted humour at the G could only be accidental.

  10. ‘a strict 50/50 male female ratio would apply to the safer land based office jobs’

    More like a strict 50/50 ratio would apply to all the jobs regardless so the women would get most of not all the safer land based office jobs to compensate for the men working the offshore jobs

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