Why not use a sexual analogy?

A billionaire investor is facing a furious backlash after telling an industry conference that success in business is like “trying to get into a girl’s pants”.

Ken Fisher’s comments at the San Francisco gathering sparked outrage from other attendees, who branded them “horrifying”.

Mr Fisher is understood to have spoken about genitalia and likened winning new clients to “trying to get into a girl’s pants” at the meeting hosted by Tiburon Strategic Advisors earlier this week.

The point of an analogy is to present a case, and argument, in a form that people grasp. Humans are interested in sex. Therefore sexual analogies work because they employ the situations and language humans are interested in to shape a case, an argument, in a form that humans understand.

We all do understand that it’s difficult to seduce a girl/woman for the first time. Women understand this too. Also that it’s rather easier to seduce for the second time than it is the first.

It’s a great deal easier to get your second order from a customer than it is your first. It’s a good analogy, it works.

Unless, of course, it’s a simile.

12 thoughts on “Why not use a sexual analogy?”

  1. Quite so and yet when I,quite innocently draws a comparison between the consent of the dim Brexit voters and the consent of a drunk and semi-comatose girl lying in the gutter to a would be rapist Another RuPaul gets offended ?
    Entirely valid , ‘yes ‘is not good enough if you have no idea what you have agreed to . Sustained enthusiasm is required before you make decisions with lasting and serious consequences.

  2. “Sonya Dreizler, founder of an impact-investing consulting firm called Solutions With Sonya, told industry publication ThinkAdvisor that Chalekian’s comments were correct.

    The conference content is supposed to be kept private, so that CEOs can be candid about internal business opportunities and challenges,” Dreizler said. “Since this content is not about business issues, I’m choosing to break that code of privacy to confirm that the comments from the stage were indeed outrageous.””

    Congratulations, Sonya! You just outed yourself as someone who can’t be trusted.

  3. Why not use a sexual analogy?

    Because it’s not an elegant way to express your meaning. Also, in San Francisco it’s probably unwise to make assumptions about people’s sexual preferences and motivations.

    As to Newmania’s bleat, it’s not the imagery but the unremitting stupidity that irritates.

  4. @Newmania

    I’m quite sure some thick people with no understanding of the issues voted leave. I’m also quite sure some thick people with no understanding of the issues voted remain.

    Just as thick people have voted in elections ever since we’ve had them.

    Your arrogance in is the claim that all wise people voted the same way as you and all thick people voted against your views.

    The arrogance goes further in that you seem to think that disagreeing with you must mean the person is thick because you are the keeper of holy truths and the font of wisdom and understanding.

    But that’s great. Because it’s just that sort of arrogance that drives people away from your viewpoint.

    So keep it up.

  5. Getting to you isn’t it you Facepainting cunt–you and your Globo elite mates in the gutter instead of the ordinary little people snobbish trash like you despise.

    As for your fantasy of raping drunken girls in the gutter–literally common guttersnipes compared to the likes of who you suppose yourself to be–a more apt metaphor for the contents of your foul EU-owned so-called mind could not be imagined.

  6. As far as Newmania is concerned, he should know that drunken consent is still consent.

    The correct analogy is actually the girl in Rotherham who has been f*cked by peacefuls for 46 years saying “enough is enough”!

  7. Lol, that’s the great thing about Remainers – they see a topic, literally any topic, and the first thing they think of is how to compare it with Brexit. Fucking deranged.

    “facing a furious backlash”

    Ah, the ‘backlash’ again. Standard Lefty manufactured coordinated outrage, all from the usual suspects.

    “Since this content is not about business issues, I’m choosing to break that code of privacy to confirm that the comments from the stage were indeed outrageous.”

    Nah, she’d have shopped him anyway, it’s a great opportunity for Sonya to raise her profile and that of “Solutions With Sonya” (LOL, really?!!), except this is even better because she is fighting in a Righteous Cause, and not drumming up business or anything sordid like that.

  8. These people aren’t serious about business. They’re serious about respectability. I’ll bet they all have unnecesarily expensive offices in unnecesarily expensive places, and use Apple Macs. And are all fairly poor.

    They go to business conferences for no other reason than raising their respectability. They impress their friends going to something in a nice hotel. Business conferences are pretty much a waste of time. It’s all in books, online courses and the net.

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