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Why would we want to be in political union with these people?

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  1. Interesting that everyone, including the EU knew about it, but were happy to go along with the ‘Greek statistics’ as long as it suited them. Once they needed ‘real’ numbers they were suddenly all indignant, usual EU hypocrisy that will end in one crisis too many being ignored until its too late.
    As They only adult in the room’ points out from the beginning Greece was all about saving the French and German banks first and foremost.

  2. Greece has its own “Supreme Court” and is as Progressive as us!

    I wonder, at what point will Remainers stop and think “fuck me but this lot are completely corrupt, aren’t they?”. It may take a while as the EU accounts haven’t been signed off for years and years but it will happen one day.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset


    Why would they worry about a bit of EU corruption? They’ve already demonstrated that democracy is OK when it’s their democracy and having having a bully as Speaker is OK when he’s their speaker, to name but two examples.

    And then there’s the morons who claim it’s about the right to live and work in a country they couldn’t find on a map, or the belief that unfettered immigration is a good thing.

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