Ah well

Next year in Jerusalem, eh?

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  1. I have the luxury of having a foot in one camp and a toe in the other. Disappointed, but happy for South Africa and for the two of our four children who were wearing Bok jerseys today.

  2. There’s not much point blaming individuals among the backs (especially Daly, who had a stinker): the pack was completely outplayed except for one set scrum.

    It’s bowlers who win cricket tests; it’s usually forwards who win rugby tests.

  3. P.S. Warren Gatland was right: England had put on their Final performance in the semi-final. But then if they hadn’t they wouldn’t have reached the final.

    You could argue that a side which had shipped 38 points in 50 minutes against Scotland in the Six Nations did well to reach the final.

  4. DocBud, I have the same issue -saffa wife. Boks played a blinder, tactics and game play changed several times…wasnt sure about what the final score would be but the actual game itself was not what i was expecting…..wow….not even midday and we are on the bubbles….long day….

  5. Docbud, Adam, we are obviously some kind of throuple! My Durban chick wife is singing sikhelele Africa in sainsbury’s carpark. Luckily, we both like to celebrate but we’re not gloaters.

    And, you know, it could have been Australia.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    Kolisi has an interesting back story so we can expect another film.

    Whilst I agree that Daly shouldn’t be scapegoated he hasn’t had a good tournament (he hadn’t been playing well for Wasps either) and its hard see why the ABs didn’t aerial bomb him as well. I’ll bet the French would have done. I presume he only kept his place in case they needed his long range kicking.

  7. McGeechan’s piece in The Sunday Tel is excellent.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen such a good analysis of a rugby match. I have certainly never seen anything near as good on a football match.

  8. dearieme, I’m intrigued….I dont have a subscription but wouldnt mind to read it….not familiar with these things but can you help?

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