Are Black Friday Deals Really Deals?

Ive gotten into a little bit of a muddle. I’ve been looking for a new tablet computer mainly for email and reading (i dont mind Android or Apple).

However with all the black friday sales going on its hard to gauge what is a good deal and what isnt these days.

Does anyone recommend a tablet?

I have looked at the Galaxy Tab A i also like the look of the iPad Air, but really dont know. There seem to be loads including the Fire Tab on amazon at a sale price today, but are they really bargains?


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  1. Oddly, I was looking for large format, 22″ and above, Android devices a few days ago, and ended up looking at this;

    Useless for what I was looking for, but handy anyway (something about the Yoga Tab that I quite like).

    Be aware that the whole tablet market pretty much died a while back, focus appears to have shifted towards the 2-in-1 devices, part laptop, part tablet, like the Surface. Seems as though it’s only the Samsung device or the Apple that are current products, beyond that it’s landfill Android, of which Hanspree might be a reasonably ok-ish choice.

    Are they deals? Probably not. Amazon do run deals throughout the year, which are probably better value, but it’s all a bit random.

  2. Can’t help with the tablet, but I’m in N France at the mo (Lille) and every shop has a ‘Black Friday’ sale. Not even ‘Vendredi Noir’!

  3. The Amazon Fire HD is a genuine sale. It’s an impressive bit of kit for the price. Bear in mind that you’re basically buying a till for Amazon shopping (and Amazon music, video, etc.).

    Personally I don’t see the use case for a tablet these days. If you’re creating content, get a computer with a keyboard. If you’re consuming content, your phone is normally good enough.

  4. If the item is listed on Amazon, then cut and paste its Amazon URL at to get a price history. Can be an eye-opener.

  5. “ the whole tablet market pretty much died a while back”

    Total crap. The iPad range continues to sell very well, albeit at rather less than its peak rate since its replacement cycle has lengthened. What has does is the Android tablet market, because the product and its software support is utterly terrible.

    If you need a tablet, get an iPad. Even a cheap, slightly outdated one, will substantially outperform its Android equivalent, will be eligible for future OD updates and will provide a great user experience.

    It is a fair point that larger phones can substitute for many tablet use cases.

  6. “Be aware that the whole tablet market pretty much died a while back, focus appears to have shifted towards the 2-in-1 devices, part laptop, part tablet, like the Surface. Seems as though it’s only the Samsung device or the Apple that are current products

    David, dear, dear David, it is always a great pleasure to rediscover that reading for comprehension, is indeed a woefully underrated skill.

  7. I have an iPad Mini and Pro. The Mini is great for flying in economy, you can use it gate to gate and it is easy to use in restricted space. I upload reports to the cloud and download them to the Mini so that I can read them when flying.

  8. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S which has an Amoled display.

    It’s quite an old tablet now but is still going strong even after suffering a lot of abuse.
    The screen is amazing, the downside is the incredible quantity of bloatware that Samsung shove down your throat and cant be removed without rooting the device. Maybe newer Samsung tablets have changed this, maybe not.

    I’ve not used an Ipad, but I assume that like their phones, they’re very user friendly as long as you subscribe to Apples way of doing things. Helps if you already have other Apple gear.

    The Mrs has an Amazon Fire tablet. They are very very good for the money, but they do have a few limitations, principally that you have to go through the Amazon portal to install apps and cant use the Google Play Store for normal Android programs.

  9. Depends on what you want to do.

    For me – general purpose browser, communicator, etc etc etc iPad is the way to go.

    But I had reason to buy a music controller for a friend; it turned out that some dreadfully el-cheapo Android tablet (70 euros or so in Bernay) had a 256GB-capable plugin SXDC card socket, so I could get a reasonable representation of the music library into the thing for not much money at all – and have the thing play over wifi/Bluetooth to an active speaker. Which was the point. 256GB ipads are NOT 70 euros…

    So as always the right thing to do is – what do you want to use it for? can you afford that price? does capability match desire/need? Buy the damned thing.

    It must be said that 7o euros of android buys you a miserable user experience. But it **does** play the music.

  10. My personal experience: I’ve had an iPad and it was great – easy to use and did everything I needed.

    More recently I bought an Android Yoga pad (to run an Android-only app as well as general use) and it is fucking rubbish. The Android software isn’t half as comfortable to use as the IPad’s.

    The new basic iPad is also a bargain, at least here in VAT-free Hong Kong.

  11. A couple of years ago I got a non-brand Chinese thing for thirty quid. (Checks… alldaymall it says on the back). Does everything I need it to do, though I prefer a proper keyboarded device to finger painting. For a tenner I bought a carry case that includes a keyboard.

    As for Vendredi Nuit Mort nonsense, total crap, you can get better bargains at any time of the year by spending a few minutes searching.

  12. Tim says I’ve been looking for a new tablet computer mainly for email and reading . If that’s his intended use, then there’s little point him spending telephone numbers on an iPad or Samsung. I just checked on Amazon & there’s any number of 10″screen models for well under a hundred quid. 12″ screen a bit more. They’ll perform those operations perfectly well. No point in paying for functionality you’ll never use.
    Best to choose one takes a SIM card for a data connection independent of availability of wifi & gives an extra fone number can be useful. I have one takes two SIMs.
    They’re so cheap, I have one permanently in the car. I run Google Earth on it. Used in conjunction with the GPS means I know what I’m headed into out in the boonies of Spain rather than just a line on the map. Quite useful in a country where “road” has a very flexible definition. It also pipes WinAmp into the sound system for music playlists from the SD card or Spotify

  13. Would have to back the Apple fans. I have had experience of Apple and android tablets, and wouldn’t bother with another droid if you paid me to take it. Complete rubbish. That’s tablets, the phones are OK.

    Get a good iPad with a data SIM slot as well, and you’ll be able to use it for many years. Depending on quite what you like when reading, the standard iPad is fine, but the pro range does give snappier performance and bigger screens. Not cheap, but worth it, just IMHO.

  14. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S which has an Amoled display.

    Same here (Samsung TM-800 aka Samsung Galaxy Tab S) with a 32GB SDCard for storing videos. Sound and playback are excellent and brilliantly vibrant screen for reading news, etc.

    The video is a bit power hungry though, but I’ve got a couple of external power packs for that. Excellent purchase from September 2015 and still runs brilliantly. Very happy with it.

    For keyboard stuff I have a Lenovo 100S (sadly no longer available), which is a bit under powered, but cheap as chips and runs about 9 hours between recharges. Can’t see anything equivalent to that available at the moment.

  15. Not a direct answer to the question, but you might want to check the Apple Store reconditioned section. They offer reduced prices on reconditioned stuff, particularly older models. You get full guarantee.

    I bought my first iPad that way years ago. It came boxed and looked like new.

  16. Very much so,Mr Gamecock. Whole town seems to plastered with “Black Friday” notices. In English, not Spanish, for some reason. Of course, being Spain, that probably means they’ve put the prices up.

    OT but inappropriateness of languages in forrin’. Saw a birthday card in a shop, this week. English language one. Picture of a girl & the words LOVE XOXO. Xoxo’s a way of writing chocho. X’s in spanish pronounce as ‘ch’. Chocho’s the spanish slang for c*nt. Certainly can’t argue with the sentiments but…

  17. I have a refurb iPad Air (1st gen), a Samsung tablet A, a Galaxy 3, and a high spec Teclast t-pad. The first two are most used, on the kitchen table reading The Times (wife and I). The iPad just updated software last night. The Galaxy A is used and loved by my wife in her craft biz, taking money wherever she is, showing portfolio etc. Older punters seem to prefer the larger size when doing a transaction, which is why no phone. The iPad at about £150 is a bargain, and despite not being in the Apple ecosphere, my fave. Because it won’t update the Galaxy 3 is only used for podcasts during spasms of ironing or other housework. The Teclast, (China import) is a PITA to use, but great when you manage to fire up properly.

  18. And we are indeed having turkey this Sunday. Took me two hours round the shops to find one. Bloody monster of a bird. More like a small ostrich. But FA to do with Thanksgiving, with the capital. One of the girls’ birthday. She loves turkey, so with the small ‘t’.

  19. Gamecock: The worst Americanisms we have imported in the last few years are Trick or Treat, and Black Friday. We do turkeys at Christmas, though I really don’t like turkey meat – too dry. No sign of Thanksgiving stuff as we have nothing to be thankful for…

  20. While Gamecock heated the grill: Gin & tonic w/Rose’s lime juice.

    Grilled filet mignon. Baked potato w/butter and aged balsamic vinegar of Modena. Green beans with bacon bits. Real bacon, of course. Steamed asparagus.

    Washed down with some Heineken.

    Living alone means I can eat whatever I want to, free some social restrictions.

    I don’t much care for turkey, either. But in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the other stuff, it’s pretty good.

  21. The Fire tablet is very limited in its third-party software and the cheap version keeps showing you ads. I upgraded to a Lenovo 7″ tablet which I am very happy with. In fact I currently have three; one to read while the other is charging, and one as a GPS unit in the car.

  22. Funnily enough, my poor old iPad died this morning. I thought I wouldn’t replace it and just make do with phone and laptop – lasted till lunch time. I have just set up 32gb iPad 7th gen – cheapest option, but I only use it for email and reading the paper, books etc. picked it up at Big W (AUS discount department store). It doesn’t have a sim, but I can hot spot off my phone if there is no free wifi.
    I am low tech and was worried about set up, but I just set up next to my phone and it was done and dusted in 5 mins- took a bit longer than needed because it kept asking to install Siri – who I don’t trust.

  23. I bought the wife an iP
    ad Pro for Christmas 3 years ago and it’s still going strong. Battery lasts the whole day and there have been no issues with it at all, it seems to go everywhere with her. She even carried it up Roseberry Topping to take photos as “it’s easier to upload them to Facebook”.
    I am writing this on my i7 Surface, fantastic piece of kit but probably total overkill and the battery life is woefull. Go for some sort of IPad.

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