‘People are dying every day’: the perilous job of sanitation workers

The fatbergs are fighting back?

Sanitation workers – people whose job brings them into direct contact with human waste – are risking their lives through accident and disease because of poor workplace protection, a report has warned.

The report highlights the plight of workers in some of the world’s poorest countries and is the most indepth study to date on a group of people who do vital but dangerous and dirty work, risking their lives every day.

Ah, right.

Yep, shitty job in poor place. The solution is? Make the place less poor.

9 thoughts on “Blimey”

  1. I never forget the documentary on India years ago, caste system and the Untouchables, one job was to collect human excrement. This was done by hand, no gloves, and the stuff was not your regular human “Yule log” or “python” ie anything very solid, hence I started calling these people “Korma-gatherers”.

  2. Hopefully our brave sisters are equally represented, if not our fearless third wave feminists will be on the case any moment now…

  3. In a couple of years time, thanks to St Gretel Thunderbox and the mad machinations of Corbyn and McDonnell, the fat (and shit) berg problem will go away. Most of society will be reduced to stone age level, so the excrement will be stored in bins, dried out when the bins are full, and used as fuel, as camel and cow dung is used is the Middle East and Africa.
    The elite, however, will not be affected. Gretel, and her caring patents, will continue to swan around the world on her solar powered, but supplemented by diesel generators, yacht, while Corbyn and McDonnell will reside in their dachas, being waited on hand and foot by naked clones of Diane Abbott and Harriet Harperson.

  4. ‘Sanitation workers – people whose job brings them into direct contact with human waste’

    They need training. You aren’t supposed to touch the stuff.

    “Shovel ready” applies.

  5. If you’re at the point where you’re getting fatbergs, isn’t this a sign of your economy going in the right direction? Fatbergs are a fairly new thing and mostly about the addition of wet wipes and people flushing them. When people are going beyond hands or even soft toilet paper and onto delicately pampering their ringpieces, aren’t they getting richer anyway?

  6. ” Gretel, and her caring patents, ”

    She’s patented caring? No wonder she can swan around the world! 😉

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