Dear Lordy be

Can’t the man even do basic logic?

This is excellent news for a number of obvious reasons. First, there’s little evidence fracking really works in the UK. Second, it would have caused considerable harm to communities. Third, we do not need more carbon burnt. Fourth, the secondary pollution risks from fracking, and most especially to water courses, are very high. For these and other direct reasons the change of mind is good news.

There is another reason to also think it good news. This is from the financial and policy perspective. The evidence is that just because a process does not work does not prevent funds pouring into it in pursuit of promised yields that will never materialise. This may already be true in the case of much US fracking. I am certain it would have been true in the UK. And there would have been a reason for that. The carbon lobby could use fracking as an argument that ‘of course we need investment in new energy sources, but not in alternative and sustainable energy because fracking can meet our needs’. As a result it was a massive, and I suggest, deliberate distraction that worked well with a government that had no love for anything green.

If something doesn’t make a profit then people stop investing in it, don’t they? So, if fracking doesn’t make a profit then we don’t need top ban it, do we?

That is, the very fact it is being banned shows that it is thought to be profitable…..

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  1. All the negative stuff about fracking is nonsense invented by the greens. In reality it is a well proven technology that has minimal environmental impact. Typical of our useless politicians to have caved in to a bunch of lying hippies instead of looking after the interests of the country. His claims about fracking promising but not delivering pretty much describe the renewables industry.

  2. Gamecock: My guess is he works for Qatar. I thought you imported most of your gas from there.

    Stonyground: I can only agree.

  3. “First, there’s little evidence fracking really works in the UK”

    Well since your Eco Nutjobs made sure that test drilling was constantly disrupted, that’s hardly surprising, is it???

  4. Boris Johnson has shafted Brexiters and Conservatives:

    No Deal clean Brexit gone – Johnson’s Surrender Treaty or no Brexit to appeal to “centre ground”

    Fracking banned* to appeal to Greens – who will never vote Tory

    the secondary pollution risks from fracking, and most especially to water courses, are very high

    Drivel. Water courses are 1,000s of feet above shale gas reservoirs

    * banned until “science” can accurately predict earthquakes tremors; ffs California has been trying unsuccessfully for a century

  5. Pace

    Fracking has been temporarily banned to appeal to NIMBY Tories in the country. If he gets a decent majority it’ll be reversed.

    No Deal would never pass and if Bill Cash, Douglas Carswell, Francois, Baker, et al are happy with Boris’s deal, you should be too.

  6. I’m a little concerned this weekend. I have seen signs for a Model Railway Exhibition in my home town and we’re only an hour away from Ely. It could be getting tuberous around here and I don’t want to bump into that fat bastard!

  7. Murphy is again blathering on about people not leaving the UK because of tax. On comes someone who has direct experience of this happening and Murphy runs his standard ‘not many, they don’t count, we don’t need them” flabber.

    Give it a few weeks and murphy will say exactly the same thing again. He really does believe that if he says something he wishes were true, it becomes true.

  8. To be fair, Über doesn’t make a profit and it’s taking a hell of a long time for them to finally give up.

  9. @Andrew C

    Ritchie doing usual Left if rich leave UK “Good riddance” – 20,000 multi-millionaire Ex-pats left last year depriving UK of £Billions thanks to Brown, Osborne & Hammond policies

    @Richard Gadsden

    However drivers and customers are

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