Depends who you ask really, doesn’t it?

Opponents to HS2 have called the report a “whitewash” and Lord Berkeley, a Labour peer who was deputy chairman of the review panel, is preparing a dissenting report to civil servants for the attention of the prime minister, The Times has learnt. The Department for Transport refused to comment.

Well, possibly:

The report, written by Douglas Oakervee, the former HS2 chairman,

Well, yes, it is, isn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Depends who you ask really, doesn’t it?”

  1. “Tell me, Oakervee, old fruit, would continuing to spend on HS2 be in your best interest?”

    “Now you come to mention it, old horse, it would.”

    That’s why government spending is so utterly wonderful.

  2. “The prime minister has sought to delay a decision until after the general election.”

    What a surprise. Ending HS2 would be a good sign he wants to put two fingers up to the EU’s “connecting the regions” bollocks. And, of course, he doesn’t want to.

  3. @PJF


    HS2 should be cancelled. It’s a hundreds of billions pounds white-elephant to comply with EU Laws
    EU Directive 96/48/EC which compels UK to build it never mentioned – why?


    Geoffrey Palmer debunks the spin being used to try to justify HS2

    If there was need and demand for HS2 private sector would have already built/building HS2 – they aren’t because it’s not needed and unprofitable

    Meanwhile private sector are willing to build multi-billion pound infrastructure eg LHW R3 (£15-20bn) and LGW R2 (£10-15bn), but Gov’t won’t let them

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