Feminism again

Sex can and should be amazingly fun, not something to fear. Of course parents should warn young people that sex can end in pregnancy, unwanted infections, heartbreak and emotional pain.

That’s a pretty good reverse ferret, the very next sentence.

2 thoughts on “Feminism again”

  1. Flo Perry is the author of How to Have Feminist Sex

    50 Shades Of Not Tonight

    What girls and all young people need to hear is that virginity is a heteronormative, patriarchal and unscientific social construct

    If virginity is a social construct, so is rape. The concept of “consent” is a deeply problematic invention by heteropatriarchal fascist imperialists (consentire) who ruthlessly subjugated women, slaves and indigenous peoples from Alauna to Asia Minor and hypocritically built a number of massive, racist walls to keep out migrants.

    Henceforward we must stop stigmatising surprise-sex enthusiasts and free Bill Cosby.

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