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Not sure I believe it but fun fact:

The V2 was more sophisticated, but was never mass produced: only 3,000 were launched, and more Nazis were killed as part of the development of the rocket than Brits by their launch.

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  1. 3000 is quite a lot of “mass” for that sort of weapon. Only 2,133 (warning, wiki-‘fact’) Lance rockets were produced by the Yanks and they weren’t under the resources limitations the Nazi regime was.

    Btw, wiki says 5200 V-2 made by the Germans and about 80 by the Yanks?

  2. The people killed by V2 in Germany were probably slave workers. Not many were party members or subscribers to the ideology. Rather the reverse.

  3. AFAIK the higher number isn’t Nazis or even Germans, but the slave labourers the Germans used to build them…

  4. Eh, it would be a fun fact if true

    Sadly I reckon most of the “nazis” killed were actually slave labourers at Peenemunde.

    Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun was lucky that Operation Paperclip existed, else he’d have deservedly met a rope instead of going on to fake the Moon landings with Stanley Kubrick.

  5. “The V1 and V2 programs combined cost 50% more than the Manhattan project”

    Wow the americans sure knew how to get the best bang for their buck.

  6. “3000 is quite a lot of “mass” for that sort of weapon.”
    By WW2 standards? V2 was a delivery system for putting explosives down on cities. V2 carried a bit under a ton of explosive so for 3000, explosive delivered 3kT The 7000 Lancasters built alone delivered 500kT.
    Which is why, up until very recently, manned bombers were the delivery systems for conventional explosives. More bang per buck. It’s only the advent of cruise/precision targeting made unmanned/ use once systems cost effective.

  7. On the subject of deaths, more Brits died in road accidents during the blackout than died in the blitz.

  8. “Sadly I reckon most of the “nazis” killed were actually slave labourers at Peenemunde.”

    V2 production was moved to Kohnstein Mountain in 1943. Peenemunde was too vulnerable to Allied bombing attacks.

    But, yes, slaves from the Dora/Mittelbau camp were hardly “nazis.”

  9. Since both were accomplished in what was, in part, a socialist economy, “cost” would be hard to calculate.

    Be that as it may, whenever someone whinges about Dresden just remind them that at the time the Nazis were still bombing London with V2s and Antwerp with V1s.

  10. There was a lot of buck-passing about Dresden. Post-war, the Soviets claimed it as an example of Western brutality, bombing defenceless civilians in a harmless peaceful city out of vicious malice: when in fact at Yalta they had pressed the US and UK hard to attack the Berlin-Leipzig-Dresden railway to support their troops as they advanced past Breslau. Bomber Command had firmly rejected the proposed Operation THUNDERCLAP, a series of raids directly aimed at civilian morale intending to “induce collapse”, and concentrated instead on oil, transportation and war production targets.

    When, after the raid, it was suggested that it was “terror bombing” and had been unnecessary, “[Harris] pointed out in characteristically blunt terms that the suggestion that the Bomber offensive had been conducted for the ‘sake of increasing terror, though under other pretexts’ was an insult both to the Air Ministry policy and to the crews that had carried it out. Harris went on to highlight the misperceptions over Dresden that would be obvious to any psychiatrist – ‘it is connected to German bands and Dresden shepherdesses’. Rather, ‘Dresden was a mass of munition works, an intact government centre and a key transportation point to the East. It is now none of those things.'”

    “Dresden 1945 — Just Another Raid?”, Group Captain Peter W. Gray, Director of Defense Studies (RAF). Royal Air Force Air Power Review, Spring 2001 is a good read on the subject.

  11. About 25000 slaves died at Dora Werk and about 8000 Belgians were killed by V weapons( not sure if that all Belgium or just Antwerp).
    Peenemunde bombings killed a number of important scientists and engineers, there we’re a handful of casualties from accidents.

  12. “The V1 and V2 programs combined cost 50% more than the Manhattan project”

    The Manhattan Project wasn’t the biggest expense. The B-29 project, to be able to actually deliver the atomic bombs, cost more.

  13. @Excavator Man November 6, 2019 at 12:07 pm



    “It’s only the advent of micro-processors (Z80, 6502, 8080 etc) made unmanned/ use once systems cost effective.”


  14. Might depend on if you count the deaths from building the underground production facilities or just the weapon making production itself

  15. Anyone been to La Coupole near St Omer? Underground V2 base, although never used. Quite remarkable, like something out of Thunderbirds, or the sort of place James Bond would be trying to sabotage.

  16. More ironing: Albert Speer was desperate for labor; Nazis kept killing people. Crossed purposes in duh reich.

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