Asailor who was facing up to two years in jail for being drunk in command of a supertanker has been unable to be sentenced because immigration officials will not let him back into the country due to his conviction.

Ukrainian, Valeriy Velychko, admitted being six times over the legal limit for alcohol when he appeared at Teesside magistrates’ court in the summer.

He also pleaded guilty to obstructing a police officer who was trying to remove him from the gigantic 23,600 tonne tanker Kohl 1 at Teesport in July.

But the 53-year-old tanker captain was given bail by magistrates and allowed to return home with his lawyers assuring the bench he would come back to Britain for his sentencing hearing.

However, on the two occasions he tried to re-enter the UK, to attend court, he was turned back by immigration officials because of his criminal record.

Me, I’d argue that the State has stopped him fulfilling his side of the bargain. Up to the State to sort it out. They can send a bloke around with the visa, they can meet him at the airport to usher him though, whatever. But sod ’em, their screw up, not his.

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  1. Judges to stupid to sentence at the time.

    Also why have him back in. Just get his masters licence yanked and jobs a good UN. What point prison?

    How much fun is the drink drive awareness course for a tanker?

  2. Not exactly outside of the wherewithal of the judge to issue bench instructions to UK Gov to make it happen or explain why. Then again, it’s also not the judges problem either.

    If I was on the beak, I’d have said to the CPS, either sort it out or I’ll have no option to issue a suspended sentence in absentia (which would seem reasonable given the defendants attempts to reenter the country and the UK Gov’s intransigence to make that happen).

    Pretty typical bureaucratic bollocks really.

  3. Anyone who describes a 23,600 tonne ship as “gigantic” and “supertanker” is living in the early part of the 20th century. This is a large ship but even ships 5 times this size aren’t “super” anything these days. Journalists eh?

  4. Yes, biggish but not “super” category by any stretch.

    Anyway, he should have been a neurosurgeon. One of those was let off this week after crashing his car six times over the limit.

    Like that female consultant who got off after droving on the wrong side of the road and killed a cyclist last year, medical staff seem to have to go the extra yard to get jailed these days.

  5. That’s the kind of crime I would like to commit…. Also on the list, being in illegal possession of earth-moving equipment and, the ultimate, showing unlicensed pornographic films of Richard Murphy for commercial gain

  6. Diogenes Said:
    ”… and, the ultimate, showing unlicensed pornographic films of Richard Murphy for commercial gain“

    How on earth would you make money from that?

  7. How on earth would you make money from that?

    I suspect the humour value would be quite high. I’d love to see him being pegged by Diane Abbot with a 12 inch black mambo strap on. Now THATS diversity.

  8. showing unlicensed pornographic films of Richard Murphy for commercial gain

    Ha ha. A definite target for nationalisation!

  9. Also the person who is given command of any commercial ship is the Master of the ship and is not a “sailor”. The term sailor is not generally used to describe any ship’s officer, although seaman can be used. The knowledge of the media about anything maritime could, at best, be described as minimal approaching non-existent. They routinely describe any sort of sea-going vessel as a “supertanker” regardless of its size or whether it is a tanker, passenger liner, bulk carrier or container ship. If ignorance is bliss, there must be a lot of extremely happy journalists out there.

  10. They should have taken the stance of the US who Haward Marks acknowledged were very understanding in paroling him for his immigration offences so they could sentence him to 11 years – life for drug smuggling

  11. @KevinS November 22, 2019 at 8:52 am


    Although “The knowledge of the media about anything mechanical could, at best, be described as minimal approaching non-existent” may be better

    eg anything green with tracks is a “Tank”, any 4×4 is a “Land/Range Rover”

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