If DFA operated the way co-ops are supposed to, its farmer owners would be able to decide if a major deal like acquiring Dean Foods was worth the risk. But because of its vast size and entrenched management, farmers have little control—an issue highlighted in the GAO’s recent report.

Voters have such immense control over their hirelings, the politicians and bureaucrats, too, eh?

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  1. Co-op acts like a business.


    And of course, the moment lefties find this out they claim the co-op isn’t operating in the manner it is supposed to.

  2. If Corbyn wins, we’ll see again how State/Gov’t monopolies don’t deliver. Labour call it “Public Ownership”, it’s not. Public ownership of BT etc is what we have now – anyone can buy some ownership.

    With Corbynistas“you’re arguing with someone from a parallel dialectical universe where rational laws involving evidence, cause and effect don’t apply”

    …Everyone is mocking the tweet by Communist blogger Aaron Bastani. The one that said: ‘Jeremy Corbyn looking confident and prime ministerial with Andrew Neil – Britain’s toughest interviewer. This is like a master batsman at the crease.’ But in Commie world – the one that Corbyn, Momentum, Jon Lansman, Stormzy, Lily Allen et al inhabit – this is no more than the unvarnished truth. You’re telling a lie only if you think it’s untrue. They genuinely believe this nonsense – or have persuaded themselves they do – because it fits with their narrative of continuous, inexorable progression towards the goal of fully automated luxury Communism.

    This is why criticisms of Labour’s voodoo economics plans carry so little traction, especially with their younger university-‘educated’ supporters. Billions, trillions, badabadazillions – who cares how much it’s going to cost

    …Neil’s most effective technique with Corbyn was to deny him the space he wanted to spout his idealistic guff.

    …so many of us will always have difficulty relating to the Corbyn phenomenon. Unless you’ve wasted three years doing Gender Studies, or immersed yourself in the pseudo-intellectual garbage of de Saussure and Lacan and Foucault, it will make no sense at all because, quite literally, it’s about the rejection of logic, truth, rationalism, empiricism, reason and the embrace of a dialectical other.

    Which, by the way, is why the Conservatives’ current policy of trying to meet Labour halfway on their environmental, spending and social plans is such a disastrous mistake which will one day come back to bite them horribly by ushering in, if not a Corbyn, then at least a Corbyn-lite. But that’s a horror story for another day . . .

    Delers spot on. As many here have said Left & Global Warming are cult like religions, however their God is “the rich will pay”

  3. Gosh, socialism ends up with a cadre of elites in control screwing everyone else?

    How can this be? Whatever it is, it cannot be true socialism, so let’s try again…

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    There was a fascinating history of the rise and fall of the kibbutz in the Spectator recently. This part was both amusing and enlightening:

    There was another powerful force that kibbutz utopians had not taken into consideration: women’s preference for choosing their own outfits. In a traditional kibbutz, clothes were deemed to be collective property. Dirty clothes were handed to a central laundry, and clean ones were handed out in exchange — but no tabs were kept on whose were whose. Women hated it and demanded cash allowances to buy their own clothes. As the pioneers warned, this opened up a Pandora’s Box of savage individualism. If you could own clothes, why not toiletries or furniture or even individual refrigerators?

    This policy, called ‘privatisation’ at the time, confirmed what now seems blindingly obvious: that people make better use of money when it is their own. When everything was shared, people left the lights on day and night, and invited new acquaintances — and even their dogs and cats — to eat in the communal dining hall for free. When the kibbutzim started giving people cash and charging them for services, people stopped wasting resources.

    And this is no surprise:

    One of the ideologues behind Corbynism, Jon Lansman, founder of Momentum, lived on a kibbutz in his youth. He admired for long afterwards ‘the sense of community and the radicalism of it’, and has called his time in a kibbutz ‘a very politicising experience’.

  5. I’m not Jewish, but I lived a kibbutz for a while, aged 19, although I’m not Jewish.

    One thing that was very clear to me was that the hard work, the daily grind, I was led to expect, wasn’t there. Work started at about six am and was finished, IIRC, 2pm. It was a cushy life. In the afternoon we’d go down to the beach, or have a snooze.

  6. Wearing other people’s – ok, that worn by other people’s – underwear??? Eeueuughhhhggghh!!!!

    And what about the practicalities? I hand in lardo-sized clothes, get handed back beanpole replacements?

    Sorry, to be clear, I’m commenting on kibbutzism, not Corbynism, though you could be mistaken.

  7. Under Corbynism, everyone will have exactly the same underpants. There is no other way to secure equality.

  8. And of course, the moment lefties find this out they claim the co-op isn’t operating in the manner it is supposed to.

    “It isn’t a real Co-op”

  9. One thing that was very clear to me was that the hard work, the daily grind, I was led to expect, wasn’t there. Work started at about six am and was finished, IIRC, 2pm

    An eight hour day then.

    If they worked six days a week, that would be more than most people work in a week.

    If you look at the Soviet experience, you will also find the absence of hard work. Who is going to work hard to earn no extra money? Go out to a farm in the West and you’ll see people working genuinely hard.

  10. Under Corbynism, everyone will have exactly the same underpants.

    Because after socialism we’ll only be able to afford 1 pair between all 65m of us.

  11. Comrade in Wales,

    But under socialism, you will also get to spend exactly 26.4 seconds on a luxury mega-yacht complete with bikini-clad supermodels in the champagne bath. Some senior comrades will be allocated additional time on the luxury mega-yacht to compensate for the strain of administering the luxury mega-yacht time among all plebs.

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