How stuffy and hidebound about trannies!

A man who bludgeoned his fiancee to death with a metal bar after she wanted to leave him because of his cross-dressing has been jailed for 17 years.

To want to leave just because of his being a trannie? Isn’t that transphobia?

18 thoughts on “How stuffy and hidebound about trannies!”

  1. Think the cross-dressing part is a bit of a red herring – it’s just another case of ‘if I can’t have you, no one will’ violence:

    “He told jurors Deakin-White became angry and jealous after Ms Parsons began a relationship with a colleague a few weeks before the killing.”

    Moral of the story being: Leave someone, THEN shack up with someone else.

  2. A transvestite rather than one of the chronically confused. Another paraphilia likely governed by imprint processes. Time we moved our knowledge of those beyond the Konrad Lorenz stage.

    Nothing to do with the crime. Ordinary old hat jealousy doubtless.

  3. A tranny, just your old-fashioned harmless pervert, not necessarily sick in the head like the teachers in Birmingham where they teach buggery to small children.

  4. Steve–He uses his full title these days and hangs about upmarket on Samizdata where PdeH’s Play Nice rules mean he avoids the robust slagging he got over here.

  5. Ecks – not exactly common jealousy, no. The judge and prosecutor were probably wrong about that

    I’d put money on this:

    Not that it matters from a legal standpoint. But from a headshrinker POV, the tendency of trannies towards outbursts of anger and violence (IT’S MA’AM!!!) when they feel like their feminine persona isn’t being accepted (on their terms, it’s always got to be on the narcissist’s terms) is based on personality disorder. It is very, very, very common for troons to be abusive towards the actual women in their lives.

    Speaking of legals:

    Judge Lafferty sentenced Deakin-White to a minimum of 17 years in prison, reduced by 210 days which he has already served in custody.

    So he’ll maybe do 10 years then get out? What a joke. St. Albert Pierrepoint, pray for us.

  6. This WILL go down in the stats as anti-trans murder. Just wait and see. Those stats are being hyped up out of all reality in support of the trans agenda.

  7. “So he’ll maybe do 10 years then get out? What a joke. St. Albert Pierrepoint, pray for us.”

    Is that right? If you get sentenced to 17 years as a sentence, then yes, you’ll do half basically. But I suspect he’ll have got Life for murder, with a minimum tariff of 17 years. Which should mean exactly that, he can’t be considered for parole until he’s done 17 years.

    Where’s Mr Lud?

  8. I expect it IS 17 years, but they lied cynically once about ‘life’ sentences once, absolutely no reason why they aren’t lying about ‘minimum’ sentences now or will do in the future.

  9. Dennis, Ever Youthful Sex Machine

    I suspect he’ll be able to cross-dress in prison to his heart’s content. And perhaps beyond.

  10. Perhaps there needs to be a transgender prison where inmates can play an endless game of hide the sausage involving no sausages and nowhere to hide them.

  11. @JuliaM

    Spot on

    @Steve November 27, 2019 at 10:28 am

    Mr Ecks is correct

    A TV “Tranny” is not same as a TS “Tranny”

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