It’s the distaff that does the soccer around here

Certain screams in the distance.

Tottenham? Mourinho?

23 thoughts on “It’s the distaff that does the soccer around here”

  1. Are the screams because she is an Arsenal supporter who believes that Spurs will now dominate Nth London football or a Spurs supporter who believes that this will be bad for Spurs or a Porto supporter who had hoped he would manage them?

  2. Bloke in Germany in Hong Kong

    Tim talking about football? Are you feeling well?

    Went to my first ever international match last night. The locals really don’t like March of the volunteers.

  3. Poch had done a fine job for several years. Then he became “a diva” according to my Inside Source. No doubt Poch takes a different view.

    Stuff happens. Onwards and upwards! Or downwards, as the case may be.

    My suspicion is that Mou is barking mad but I have no inside source on that.

  4. It had been really nice for a little while not to have his sour puss mumbling excuses on TV all the time. I agree with Rob – and Rod Stewart’s joke comes to mind: “Instead of getting married again, I’m going to find a woman I don’t like and buy her a house.”

  5. I had to google an “ITK”. No: with that one exception I am not In The Know about fitba’, in England or elsewhere. Hell, the only English football ground I have ever been to is Brunton Park. And I have only my father’s word for that because I have no memory of it. I last played the game in the 70s, mainly by turning out for my rugby club in a summer football league, and also by playing quite a bit of indoor five-a-sides. (The experience largely supported the usual boring rugby player stereotypes about soccer players.)

    I did, though, long retain the ability to curve in a good shot from the outside of my right foot to the astonishment of various wee laddies who had derisively invited me to take part in their kickabouts.

    Come to think of it I’ve not been to a rugby ground since watching an Australian Bledisloe Cup win at Ballymore in the ’90s. My favourite was Murrayfield – it had the best surface I ever played on.

  6. Mourinho has been hired for the sole purpose of rescuing Spurs’ season and making sure they finish in the top four. If Tottenham fail to qualify for the Champions League they will lose several players and will have to go back to the drawing board – begin all over again.

  7. Having spent more than a dozen years living at the geographical mid point between the Arsenal & Tottenham football grounds my disinterest in the subject is visceral.

  8. This is going to be fun. The manager who has usually spent money like water being employed by the man who is tight than the proverbial. The Premier league needs a gobby manager again, there’s far too many polite self effacing ones at the moment.

  9. Having suffered through the Chosen One’s Reign of Terror at OT, Spurs are welcome to him. Can’t see the fan base enduring him for long though.

  10. Dennis, Soccer Hooligan

    So what is Tottenham going to get? Three years of scowling monomaniacal egomania, with the usual Mourinho arc… First year ascending, second year peaking, third year collapsing combined with the inevitable firing.

    At this point, Jose Mourinho is who you hire when you don’t know who to hire.

  11. Hooligan

    On the basis that Spurs never win anything, maybe peaking in year 2 might change that – perhaps the Aruba cup? (or whatever it’s called) – hence he could be an absolute bargain!

    KRL +1

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    I stopped taking an active interest in soccer 20 odd years ago, but its hard to avoid passive intake.

    I’ve absorbed enough to know that unless Spurs are willing to throw mega ££££ at this guy then it will end in tears for Spurs fans and hilarity for everyone else. Even if they do throw those mega ££££ it will most likely end the same way.

  13. when i told my wife (lifelong Spurs supporter – growing up in censored SA in the 70s the only outside tv they got was the FA cup, which Spurs seemed to feature in regularly. whether that is the case or just her memory, i dont know) this morning that Mou had been appointed, she was seriously dischuffed. Miserable git, advocating negative football according to SWMBO…..

  14. Dennis, Soccer Hooligan

    PF –

    For the Spurs, peaking most probably means a sixth place finish secured by a last match of the season victory over Aston Villa.

  15. Spurs would be better off handing Mourinho a check for 8m quid and fucking him off now to save the inevitable histrionics by the end of next season.

  16. @Adam As a long suffering Spurs supporter from your wife’s land, I can’t fault her argument. But, as it’s a tribal thing, I’ll support the miserable git while he’s there.

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