Just around the corner from here

Not that that is exactly just around the corner but there is one…..

Still, there are a number of such little goofs out there. Google’s diary bit (email logs the date and time of a call or meeting in your diary sorta thing) thinks that Portugal is on Azores time.

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  1. It’s amusing when forriners use bits of english, because english is “cool”, without understanding what the english means to the English. Saw a woman, recently. Thirties husband & kids with her. Shopping in the supermarket. Happy family poster material. Except her T-shirt. Urban cammo with SLUT in big graffiti letters across her chest. I’m sure she didn’t understand what that meant when she bought it.

  2. @BiS
    I once saw a t-shirt in HK which was printed “Bad headache with nervous dyspepsia”. Sadly the shop was closed or I would have bought it.

    O/T – Did you know this is Blade Runner month? The events in the original movie were written to take place in November 2019. Boy, did they get that wrong. ( Although I have a suspicion that some of my work colleagues are malfunctioning Nexus 6s.)

  3. Mr Womby,

    The fun thing with Blade Runner is all the old tech that people still have. They have off-world colonies, flying cars and artificial people, but they also have paper photographs and payphones. Oh, and lots of smoking.

  4. ” Oh, and lots of smoking.”
    S’also funny how people will paste their own world onto what they expect the future to look like. The worlds of the classic SF novels were like that. Everything happens to Americans in some version of America. Even the aliens on far flung planets are basically Americans in America. But of course they were mostly written by Americans for Americans (Or the Brit genre, where the universe was inhabited by middle-class Brits)
    The non-smoking fad is pretty well restricted to the UK, middle-class US & a few countries in Northern Europe. The rest of the world continues to smoke enthusiastically & shows no sign of giving it up

  5. The thing I think Blade Runner got very right from a perspective of 1982 is the feel of some modern big cities. High tech future alongside the polyglot multiracial poor. My London of the 80s was basically an english speaking white London with little stratification. Now a few minutes walk can take you from the Shard into the third world.

  6. @bis

    Good observation. No need to fly to Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia to see life there – a week in London covers it all.

    Who knew London Zoo would become the largest zoo/safari-park in world “Warning – Stay in your car, door locked & windows closed”

  7. The BBC asked a relative of one of the people that died at Bloody Sunday and she was ok about it, said it’s another country and they weren’t trying to offend anyone etc.
    Of course twitter twats complained and McD pulled it, it would be nice to see some companies standing up for themselves

  8. Occasional Delurker

    There is an attempted Irish style pub in an outer suburb of Madrid called “The Black and Tan”. It’s a mostly residential area so unlikely to be aimed at the British/Irish tourist/stag/hen crowd.

  9. @Occasional Delurker

    Irish style pub in an outer suburb of Madrid called “The Black and Tan”

    ROFLMAO – you owe me a keyboard

    Are RC’s given special attention? Resident pub band “The B Specials”?

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