Maya Forstater’s doing well here

A tax-avoidance researcher who claims she lost her job at a think tank for saying that trans women aren’t women has told an employment tribunal “there is one sex or the other”.

At the employment tribunal hearing, Maya Forstater, 46, said she agreed that the trans community was vulnerable.

Look at this:

Ms Harrison was giving evidence in support of Maya Forstater, a 54-year-old tax expert who is suing her former employer, the US think tank Centre for Global Development (CGD), for dismissing her after she tweeted that “male people are not women”.

She’s aged 8 years just by moving from Pink New to the Telegraph.

19 thoughts on “Maya Forstater’s doing well here”

  1. ‘trans community was vulnerable’

    To what?

    What is a community? Chamfort’s “public?”

    The world is getting too strange to even comment on.

  2. Vulnerable how? People with the disorder have been around for a long time. There are no reports over the years of any negativity against such people – laws passed against them, persecution, social rejection – such as happened with homosexuals.

    Presumably they managed to cope in lavatories as nobody noticed.

    In fact cross-dressing as it used to be known was a mild curiosity or what happened in Pantomimes.

    Nobody cared. Nobody cares now except the usual bunch of attention seekers and cause-mongers and hypocrites.

  3. She’s in court, fighting for her employment rights. While it would be very noble of her to say what I am sure is on her mind (because it is on everyone else’s) and tell the court: “Trannies are not only mentally ill but almost always malicious and misogynistic” I will forgive her under the circumstances.

  4. The trannie “community” is a creation of Marxist agit-prop .As is the idea that they are specially “vulnerable”. In a country full of yobs created by welfarism and the fatherless bastardy it fosters anybody looking a bit odd is in some danger.

    Indeed you could argue that the yobs themselves are in more danger–15000 London knife crimes –mostly in-house gangsterism–with approx. 125 deaths in less than a year.

    It is tough and dangerous on the mean streets of the UK regardless of who you are. Bit less so in the USA prob. Because of concealed carry etc.

  5. For other BS flags, here is the beginning of a dictionary of doublespeak:

    Words and phrases which indicate political doublespeak.

    Hard-working families.

    The most vulnerable.



    Our NHS



    All contributions gratefully accepted.

  6. Interested, as in ‘we are going to tackle the problem of (insert menckenian hobgoblin).’. The problem is not to be solved but preserved for tackling, now and in the future. We (the politicians) will be seen to be doing aomething and that’s all that matters.

  7. Dennis, Climate-Change Denying Fruitcake

    fair tax

    tax avoidance

    fair share






    venn diagram



    tax justice

  8. Why does the Centre for Global Development Charity need “A tax-avoidance researcher”?

    Is Ritchie applying to replace Maya Forstater?

    Age: self-identifying as 46 1 minute and 54 the next?

    Self-identifying goes crazy College teachers’ union says people should be allowed to choose their race as well as their gender

    @John B



    Offensive, …phobe/phobic

  9. Being a bit behind the times here in Oz (indeed I still call woke-itude political correctness!!), I’d say:

    hate speech

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