My word, isn’t this trannie thing confusing?

The couple, whose identities remain unknown but who are referred to in court documents as AP and JP, were married on Valentine’s Day in 2009.

In 1990, AP, then aged 34, underwent gender reassignment surgery transitioning from female to male. Prior to their marriage in 2009, AP had lived as a man for nearly 19 years.

However, he had neither obtained a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) nor had he updated his birth certificate.

As a result, the ceremony has been declared invalid, rendering the couple “distressed”. This was because at the time of their marriage, under English law, same-sex marriage was not recognised.

So, bird. Moves to bloke. We didn’t have same sex marriage then, never did get the legal declaration that she’d changed sex. Or gender. So, no marriage.

All of which is very simple. But even the lawyers in this case seem very confused by the whole trannie thing:

Simon Blain, partner at Forsters LLP, added that the case deals with “an unusual and possibly unique set of circumstances”.

“Despite having undergone gender reassignment surgery and living as a woman, the court found that her failure to obtain a GRC meant that at the time of the marriage she was still legally male. As same-sex marriage was not legal at the time, the court found the marriage to be a nullity (there had never been a legal marriage).

BTW, no, the original no marriage thing, it’s not some ghastly imposition upon human rights. The way out was available, they just didn’t use it. Tough on them.

14 thoughts on “My word, isn’t this trannie thing confusing?”

  1. Simon Blain, partner at Forsters LLP, added that the case deals with “an unusual and possibly unique set of circumstances”.

    Lots of fruitful work ahead, presumably at our expense.

  2. Does this affect someone’s inheritance or something? Otherwise I can’t see why they give a damn, let alone why they went to court about it.

    The obvious solution is to just get married now if they don’t like living in sin.

  3. ‘nor had he updated his birth certificate’

    GRRR! Leave the damn thing alone! Else, it is no longer a birth certificate.

  4. I’ve read this a couple of times and am thoroughly confused as to the actual and the changed sex/gender of AP at different points in time and what effect this had on relationship with the other person and the judgment.

    Basically, I confess I’m gammon here.

  5. Dennis, He Who Is Bored of and by LGBT+ Whining

    They’re “distressed”? Good.

    Here’s a life lesson: Play pretend long enough and reality will bite you in the ass.

  6. Easy solution. As far as the law, the state and anything official is concerned all that matters is your biological sex as identified at birth. This stays the same on your passport, NHS records etc.

    If you wish to change ‘gender’ once, twice or five times a day, that is a matter for you and those you can persuade to give a shit about it. The law recognises nothing save your sex.

  7. It’s like those idiots who complain “we didn’t get married, didn’t put anything in joint ownership, didn’t make a will, now he’s died and I don’t get anything!!!!! wah!!!!!” Sorry, but the solution was screaming at you for years, *YOU* chose not to take it, *YOU* take the consequences.

    “I ran out into the road without looking and got run over, wah! wah! wahhh!!!!”

  8. Ah, that makes sense. Simon Blain (in the 2nd para) got his genders back to front. Easily done I guess in the current climate….

  9. Pcar: Thank you. I see this started with his/her/its pension. I thought there’d have to be money at the back of it somewhere.

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