No political bias at HuffPo, no sirree

The church is facing serious questions about some of its pastors allegedly pressuring young people into taking out loans of up to £5,000 or giving thousands of pounds in “seed offerings” and failing to act on these allegations, as exposed by HuffPost UK on Friday.

HuffPost UK found SPAC Nation’s leader was at the Conservative Party Conference this year seated behind cabinet ministers, such as Home Secretary Priti Patel and Chancellor Sajid Javid, for the prime minister’s speech. He has also met ministers at Downing Street and won a peace award sponsored by the Mayor of London’s office.

The Mayor of London of which political party?

14 thoughts on “No political bias at HuffPo, no sirree”

  1. Political bias is fine. This is intellectually dishonest.

    Bit like Pilger’s book Hidden Agendas in which he refers to something or other from the ASI, and points out it’s a free market think tank then, a few pages later approvingly refers to something from the IPPR without mentioning its bias. In a book called Hidden Agendas.

  2. HuffPost found that SPAC Nation’s leader was at the conference of the Conservative Party, whose former leader signed a treaty with the far-right Adolf Hitler in 1938, …

  3. Tobi Adegboyega was invited to No 10 Downing Street for a meeting with Special Advisers and Cabinet Ministers.

    Imagine the headlines if Conservatives declined to meet/support Tobi Adegboyega’s “charity”:

    Top story on Al-Beeeb & C4 for a week
    Khan, Abbot, Lammy etc shrieking “Racist Tories”

  4. Bloke in North Dorset


    I’ve just got back from a cold wet day doing safety boat cover for an event, had a beer, hot shower, nice dinner and a couple of glasses of wine so Googling and researching doesn’t appeal..

    My crew was telling me that there is a court case due on Dec 7 which will blow the lid off Brexit because they are certain it will show that there was fraud in the Referendum and the result will be annulled. He was a bit vague but it appears its part of the Aaron Banks Russian money saga, but I thought that had been put to bed?

    From what I could could gather it was something to do with four reports and now the government is suppressing the full Russian interference report.

    Anyway, despite my questioning all I could get out of him was that it must be true because he’d seen it on YouTube.

    Anyone know what he was referring to?

  5. I can tell you, BiND. I got this from a chap who drinks at the Red Lion in Whitehall.

    Only three people voted Leave, four of them lacked capacity, six didn’t have heads, and 17.4 million of them were naive dupes of ruthless charlatans operating at the highest levels. In Moscow.

    I myself am a deep cover KGB operator.

  6. No Political Bias

    Donald Trump Jr. Gets In a Heated Debate With The Women of ABC’s The View

    In one brutally ballsy talk-show appearance, Donald Trump Jr. gave us a stunning View of barefaced lying liberal celebrity hypocrisy – and it wasn’t a pretty sight

    Even before Donald Trump Jr. appeared on The View yesterday, liberal celebrities were howling their fury.

    Will and Grace actress Debra Messing, who hasn’t stopped hysterically raging about all things Trump for the past four years, was incensed the President’s son was even allowed to go on at all.

    ‘Why would you bring him on?’ she tweeted the ABC show’s Twitter account. ‘You trying to be ‘balanced’?’

    You could almost feel the bile laced all over her lips as she spat out the dreaded b-word.

    Nobody’s allowed to be ‘balanced’ about President Trump any more.

    For vehement anti-Trumpers like Ms Messing only extremely UN-balanced hyper-partisan hatred and revulsion is acceptable.

    ‘He and his family have assaulted our country,’ Messing continued, ‘our democracy, our environment, our national security, moral compass. Very very disappointing and irresponsible decision.’

    I was fascinated to see how he would get on when he appeared on a show whose stars, especially Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain, have made no secret of their disdain for the President. (So much so that Goldberg wouldn’t even mention Donald Trump Sr.’s name at the start of the show.)

    The answer was… spectacularly

    As the showdown went on, things turned fascinatingly ugly.

    When he came under intense fire for his father’s inappropriate behaviour, Trump Jr. retorted by saying ‘we’ve all done things we regret’ and then accused shocked Behar of once wearing blackface.

    ‘I did not go in blackface!’ she exclaimed indignantly.

    This was a barefaced lie. She did…[photo]…

    Well done Don Jr

    Don Jr. TRIGGERS The View: “Joy, You’ve Worn Blackface”

    ‘The Five’ reacts to Donald Trump Jr.’s viral appearance on ‘The View’

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    ND Reader,

    Thanks. As I said, I thought it had been put to bed.


    Lets hope they bankrupt her.


    Yep, he didn’t understand that the EU has QMV or that the Lisbon Treaty was in effect the EU Constitution with a few tweaks after the French and Dutch rejected the original constitution yet we were the ones who didn’t know what we were doing.

  8. m’Lud: I myself am a deep cover KGB operator.

    At risk of being pendentsky, Tovarishch, your cover is indeed much deep as organisation now called FSB.

  9. BiND–The moral is : Don’t listen to shite-head–let alone shite-faced– remainiac scum and their Muh Russia fantasies. You should have decked the arsehole.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Mr Ecks,

    Unfortunately we were in an 12′ rib responsible for safety at a critical part of a sailing race course, so my greater responsibilities for children’s safety came to the fore as rescuing them is a 2 man job if it goes horribly wrong and yesterday’s weather made that quite a distinct possibility.

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