Not really, no

Almost half of couples opt for DIY online divorces

It’s not even true that half of all couples are married and thus can divorce. Further, not all marriages that do split use the DIY method, finally only some half of marriages do end in divorce.

So, really, half of couples do not use the DIY method.

7 thoughts on “Not really, no”

  1. Yeah, but all those conditions are implicit, so unless you really want a headline twice as long that just states extra bleeding obviouses, you can assume that most of your readers are neither idiots nor pendants.

    As to whether the claim is correct, remember that Abraham Lincoln famously said “don’t believe everything you read on the internet”.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset


    It only needs one word adding:

    “Almost half of divorcing couples opt for DIY online divorces”

  3. BiND

    If you put “divorcing” in you could even drop “divorce” at the end – even dimwits presumably wouldn’t misinterpret “DIY” when it’s followed by “online”. On second thoughts, of course they would. Or:

    ‘Almost half of divorces are online DIY’? Same problem? So:

    ‘Online DIY divorce controls almost half the market’? For some reason journalists love to say that XYZ “controls” the market for ABC.

  4. ‘finally only some half of marriages do end in divorce’

    It could be worse: the other half end in DEATH!

    Regardless, the assertion is false. If half as many people divorce each year as get married, ‘half of marriages do end in divorce’ ignores the masses that are already married.

    Say there are 60,000,000 married couples in the US. A million more get married every year. Half-a-million divorce every year.

    ”half of marriages do end in divorce”

    See the problem?

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