Not really, no

Vasa, named after one of Sweden’s kings, was a 69-metre vessel equipped with 64 cannons

Named after the Royal house, not a King. The difference between calling a boat “Windsor” or “Brenda”.

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  1. “We don’t have salt water and some organisms that live in other waters don’t exist in the Baltic, so it is very well preserved generally in our waters,”

    We don’t have salt water in the Baltic? – something lost in translation or transcription there i think.

  2. “The open surface waters of the Baltic Sea “proper” generally have a salinity of 0.3 to 0.9%, which is border-line freshwater.”

    from wiki— ok, sorry subs.

  3. The Meissen Bison, it is indeed. Or is it Wasa? When I was doing my national service we used to toast crisp bread on a woodburner inside a tent, butter on top. I buy the round stuff, and sometimes the thin Finn rye crisps if an urgent bowel movement is needed promptly the following morning. Annoying I have to drive to the closest IKEA in order to get Kalle’s Kaviar. And I despise the Swedes!

  4. @Hallowed Be November 9, 2019 at 12:18 pm

    Baltic on Sweden’s East coast has lower salt level than 0.7% Saline solution

    Further north, lower the salt. Also, Tide is inches not feet


    Annoying I have to drive to the closest IKEA in order to get Kalle’s Kaviar

    Snap. I usually buy 4-6 tubes – cheaper than in Sweden too. Thank God IKEA revered their short-lived own brand only Krapiar

    What I find strange is Kavli (Primula) not selling their Kaviar in UK.

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