Nothing would make me think better of Heath

Except, perhaps, this:

In the docu about Mrs Thatcher’s rise to power Edward Heath was talking with a snob (Geoffrey Palmer)

Snob: I trust you will stop her, we can’t have a grocer’s daughter leading us; dear God, a grocer’s daughter

Heath: Of course you can trust me, I’m a carpenter’s son

Assuming he was making the point as I think he was. Rather than the possible one, which is that an artisan’s son is better than the daughter of someone in trade.

17 thoughts on “Nothing would make me think better of Heath”

  1. Is this about class? I have none of the formal sort, my father’s side is Russian serfdom back to 1600’s, my grandfather’s mother a Jewish woman married a Von P*****, no less, in the early 1900’s, the family story is they managed the early restauration of the Turku castle. Probably BS, there are no records anywhere.

    But my grandfather was in the same unit as the famous Lauri Torni (Larry Thorne), check his wikipedia page. Hence my earlier post last weekend about parabellums and Russian war prisoners.

  2. I can think of no reason to assume the more flattering explanation.

    Anyway, where he is, he’s got more important things to worry about.

  3. Heath was traitorous shite scum. His body should be dug up and hung in chains.

    If there is an Almighty I imagine that he does not change his mind. Otherwise we should hire a large team from world religions–even those that don’t believe in Hell (apart from the beardie slavery multi-level marketing cult) to pray 24/7/365 for Heath’s damnation.

    Hopefully he is already there.

  4. Jesus was also described as “son of a carpenter”.
    Usually taken to mean Joseph was a carpenter. Linguists aren’t so sure; the phrase in Aramaic is also slang for “an uneducated man”.
    Doesn’t change much theologically. But it shows how words alone aren’t enough, context and intent must be known as well.

  5. This moment was dramatised when the Beeb did Thatch and was a crucial point in the story. You saw that Heath and Thatch had more in common with eachother than either did with the old boy club. It was really quite poignant , don`t forget Tatch started on the left of the Party as a traditional Conservative.
    She would be out on her ear today with Nicky Morgan

  6. Newmania – Lol. Imagine believing this.

    She’d actually be banned for life from the Conservative Party, and possibly in trouble with the cops, for proposing Section 28 of the Local Government Act, which banned the promotion of bumsex as a “pretended family relationship”.

  7. This moment was dramatised when the Beeb did Thatch and was a crucial point in the story.

    Well, you couldn’t get a more trusted source than a BBC drama involving Mrs Thatcher and the Tory party.

  8. “I trust you will stop her…”

    “Of course you can trust me, I’m a carpenter’s son.”

    So presumably Heath had Thatcher banished into obscurity and she did nothing of any significance thereafter?

  9. One of my all-time favourite put-downs was Auberon Waugh describing Mohammed Fayed as ‘an Egyptian grocer’.

  10. Yes, and The Eye were always scrupulous in excluding the ‘Al-‘ from the family name, added to make it sound posher.

  11. @Tim W

    Heath was making the former point, he was annoyed at the snobbery. Didn’t mean he liked Thatcher either.

    However, after watching clips it’s apparent I combined two scenes into one. First was the Grocer, later was Heath’s rebuke “My father was a builder, you should be more careful about what you say..”

    Clip 1 – 5.6MB, Clip 2 – 6.3MB
    Anyone have a Youtube channel to host on?

    The Long Walk to Finchley

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