Now here’s posh

The Joint Economic Committee:

When Barack Obama became president, the economy was experiencing what former Federal
Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke called “the worst financial crisis in global history, including the
Great Depression.”2

Footnote 2 leading to me at Forbes. Whoop, eh, Whoop!

Of course, they entirely ignore what I said but then, you know, politicians and economics.

5 thoughts on “Now here’s posh”

  1. Good work!

    Your Forbes piece doesn’t seem to be there any more, but I guess you said Bernanke was exaggerating a bit?

  2. ‘Obama was handed aneconomic catastrophe—and prevented an even greater meltdown’

    The crisis began when it became obvious Obama was going to win the election. Confidence in the economy collapsed. Bad debts were called in.

    ‘Barack Obama and Congressional Democratstook strong actionto rescuethe economy, includingthe stimulus, TARP, financial reform and the auto bailout.’

    The Democrats took the opportunity to raid the treasury for their friends. The economy slowly improved over the Obama years, IN SPITE OF WHAT HE AND THE DEMOCRATS DID.

    This report is Democrat revisionist propaganda.

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