Oh dear Polly

This manifesto makes practical sense of green necessity, turning housing need and decarbonisation into an industrial strategy with a million good jobs.

A million good jobs is a million costs of the strategy, not a benefit of it.

If we’re not getting you to understand that then it’s difficult to have a chat about economics…..

The two Harolds, first Macmillan then Wilson, both reached more than 300,000 new homes a year, many of which were council-owned, in an era when the country was by many multiples less wealthy – but paid higher taxes.

Tax as a percentage of GDP – the only useful measure – wasn’t higher back then. Sigh.

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  1. I’m surprised that tax wasn’t higher under WIlson, when the marginal tax rate on unearned income rose to 19/8 in the pound (98.3%).

  2. I met Polly and spoke to her at length last year , amongst other thing asked her why is was she felt the need to abandon the Labour Party of Jim Callaghan and Michael Foot but not Jeremy Corbyn.
    She mentioned the calibre of people involved with the SDP but also that Corbyns Polices were nothing like as extreme as Foots .
    I replied that Benito Mussolini had an attractive programme which drew much progressive support in his early period ….. but its not what he says he is going to do ( I said ) its who he is !
    Now her formal defence has gone .This manifesto is a joke, a bad joke, and the only funny thing is to watch the Blue Nationalist arseholes shaking their heads with sadness as the IFS pulls Corbyns fantasitcal fairy land to pieces
    Last week the IFS were the nest of viperous remainers who had failed to see the “Opportunities “of Brexit.
    If anyone remembers the IFS under Robert Chote were the precursor to the OBR taken into government to stop Chancellors misleading the public and Parliament , by David Cameron.
    This was the old days . The days in which instead of Listening to two clowns debating how much it was raining someone went outside and found out it was snowing and that was actually a fact ..what we used to call “True” .

    Understand its not that I have moral attachment to truth its just that while its fine for some tribe to believe the sky sits on the forest canopy ( their truth) , they aint going to invent an aeroplane or indeed anything useful are they . The truth is useful …you know for doing things .

    God I hate this country

  3. If you don’t like it here Facepaint–fuck off to your precious EU. They will find you a cupboard in Molenbeek or Malmo I’m sure.Just make sure you leave all your cash and assets–ill gained I have no doubt–behind for the use of loyal Britons.

    If you stay–you dick-sucker of the globo elite–be aware that there are lots of people like me who are going to use their remaining time and whatever power we have to ensure that creatures like you–and your even more vile globo masters — lose everything. Because that is what you are trying to do to us.

    Better go while the going is good you tin-eared traitor. Look on the bright side–you might yet find yourself in Tuscany with another chance to kiss Pol’s ample arse. But best be quick about it quick–Italy is waking up as well. Once they have, cockroaches like you won’t be wanted there either.

  4. You know newmania, despite being one of the oldies that you so resent, I feel rather sorry for you – not least because you seem to move in circles that include the Pollys.

    But the solution to your unhappiness is to a great extent in your own hands so take it or shut the fuck up

  5. Newmania, liar, liar pants on fire.

    I don`t hate this country ..I despise this country

    Yet here you are when you have 27 other countries to fuck off to. Oh wait, didn’t;t you admit in a previous comment that you can’t be arsed to learn a foreign language. Seems you despise foreigners as much as the UK. Cunt!

  6. If he goes to Ireland he will get by in English. Takes a while to get your ear in to understand the natives though, the same words don’t mean the same thing.

    (Tax? My first pay packet had a basic rate of 8/3d in the pound. That’s 41.25 percent if you don’t understand the old money. My weekly wage was eight quid, and I was paying 41.25% on the top end of it.)

  7. @Newmania “I don`t hate this country ..I despise this country”

    People who despised living in glorious socialist regimes risked their lives to leave them and you show no signs of leaving despite you being at no risk if you chose to do so.

    Why not make a list of the 200-odd other nations and states and let us know how many you’d rather be living in and then let us know why you haven’t left the UK.

  8. A few comments yesterday and today in the media saying now is the time to borrow and invest as the rates are low. If and when Labour win is announced those rates are not going to be the same as they are now. I wouldn’t personally buy Gilts from Labour govt at 20%/5yr.

  9. Facepainter, have you ever thought of moving in with Captain Potato? Such a pairing could change the world. Alternatively, why not move to a nice vibrant area such as Haringey? Then you could wank yourself silly amid the diversity

  10. Andrew C ..well Germany , Ireland , most of America Switzerland Norway Canada Australia Sweden Denmark France …um ..Holland Italy probably and plenty of other places if you could sort it out .
    I don`t have to apologise for socialism I am not any sort of socialist

    The UK has had a good run but its turning back into the depressing dump it was now

  11. “The area went down the pan after Mr Trebus died”

    Did he live in Haringey? I remember him from that BBC program. He seemed like a nice chap. I guess when you’d been through the mill in the war like his generation had, hanging on to everything you could made a lot of sense.

  12. Incidentally I’m glad to see Newmania has now reached the 4th stage of grief – depression, reflection and loneliness. Only 3 more to go!

  13. Dennis: Oppressor, Warmonger, Capitalist and Consumer of Petroleum Products

    Newmania sounds like every liberal septic you might ever run into… He doesn’t like the way the game is being played so he’s going to pick up his toys and go home. And like every liberal septic he must remind us that his fellow citizens aren’t worthy of him, what with all his enlightenment and all. The only thing he hasn’t done is threaten to move to France or Albania or whatever continental shithole floats his boat. Septic liberals are forever threatening to move to Canada, but they never do. So it will be with Newmania.

  14. Dennis, Buzzword Master

    Anybody up for a game of Buzzword Bingo? I’ll start, using only the sentence above…

    green necessity
    housing need
    industrial strategy
    good jobs

    I suppose I could read Polly on a salary, but since I’m not, I won’t. I’m sure there are even more buzzwords in the rest of the article.

  15. Dennis I shall stay in the UK because there is always hope!
    Hope for a brighter tomorrow,
    A new and glorious morning
    For the sound of children laughing
    For the goodness in people that wells up like a fresh spring and can never be quenched
    For the unspoken the prayer that love will conquer fear

    ….and more particularly the chance that a plague of wankeritis will infect you and everyone like you with a fucking agonising fatal illness involving boils and bile so you die ..preferably begging for a quick end ( which I will not give you )

    Thats why I stay ..Hope !

  16. “a plague of wankeritis will infect you and everyone like you with a fucking agonising fatal illness involving boils and bile”

    I think that is quite likely something we can all look forward to, part of the wave of cultural enrichment imported from the third world by fucking twats who seem to think the same way as yourself.

    Still, as gammon, I’ve had a good innings already. But I can hope it cuts down enlightened youngsters like you.

  17. “good jobs”. Lawks. Has something of the 1930s about it, does that phrase.

    She’ll be reminiscing about Soup Kitchens I Have Known, and the Noble Savage before you know it.

  18. Jim, yes, Trebus had a big house in Haringey. He drove a tank against the Italians and wrecked it, got into trouble, was told off. It was obvious he was a bit mad and had problems in his later life, one of those people who gather all shit inside and outside their house until the brick walls crack.

  19. Dennis, He Who Lacks A Stein

    Newmania –

    I’m sure you could find a way to be an even bigger knob than you already are, but I’m not sure how.

  20. Newmania, the would be prose poet with the verbal dexterity of Muffin the Mule, something he has probably indulged in on several occasions.

    Don’t tell Rocco

  21. I am liking of Dennis of CO2 even though we are not the same
    Alas Newmania wants him ( and me ) dead in agonising pain
    He ( Newmania ) , an EU member badly wants to remain
    Centralising landowner hand-outs, this budget item is the EU’s main
    Thinking about that landowner cock today, I think Newmania just came.

  22. Yaroufakis thinks the Labour manifesto wonderful and well-costed. He is a puzzling guy. He seems to be intelligent but when he goes onto economics he is obviously barking, woof woof mad. Maybe he is only reasonable when he is talking outside his accredited sphere of expertise, which is economics.

    This is too post normal, spudsy and newmaniacal to be comfortable

  23. Same as in 2016, there’ll be no shortage of people of people looking at Labour’s manifesto and thinking, “ooh, free stuff for me!”

    And, same as in 2016,and just about every other election in the last 100 years, the Tories’ answer to this is, “but we’ll give you free stuff as well”.

    Trouble is, the kind of people who think the world owes them a living, and therefore free stuff is no more than their due, don’t believe the Tories mean it.

  24. If enough people, enough to elect a government with a majority, genuinely believe the State can give us all this Free Stuff then we are fucked anyway, before that government even takes office. No society can survive with irrationality like that.

  25. “No society can survive with irrationality like that.”

    Sure they can. They just leave the DEBT to the next generation.

    The Ancients said democracy will fail when the people realize they can vote themselves a raid on the treasury. The Ancients didn’t understand credit. We have long past the raid on the treasury, and are now stuffing it with IOUs.

  26. @Jim November 22, 2019 at 2:44 pm

    +1 Mr Trebus killed by state dictators and nanny state do-gooders

    @Dennis November 22, 2019 at 3:31 pm

    Corbyn used them all on BBC last night

    Support free speech
    Against misogyny, anti-Semitism and and – his nose was growing

    @Edward Lud November 22, 2019 at 10:37 pm



    Polly has servants to do those for her

  27. “A non-trivial part of me thinks this country deserves Grandpa Death, good and hard.”

    It has occurred to me that the current system of governance can never be democratically reformed, it is now too entrenched, it can only be destroyed and rebuilt from scratch, based on the necessities of the time. Ergo anything that hastens the end of the current system is to be welcomed…………it is a bit Samson bringing the Temple down, but one wonders if thats the only way out of our current pit.

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