OK then John, fair enough

Elections used to bring us solutions. This one won’t
John Harris

In the confusion of today’s cynical politics, where scandal and lies seem to be priced in, nothing is ever achieved

Then we should stop using this ineffective form of doing things. Stop using politics to decide upon the running of the economy perhaps. For is voting for flapjaws doesn’t solve the basic things then how will it work when deciding upon wages, output, in a factory? Or even which factory should be built where?

The democratically controlled economy isn’t going to work if democracy don’t…..

2 thoughts on “OK then John, fair enough”

  1. The idea that politicians in some way run the economy is about as ludicrous as it gets. OK if Cobb gets to power he will attempt to properly trash it, but otherwise they all of them haven’t got a clue.

  2. Democracy means people voting for the free stuff politicians promise until the money runs out and we go cap in hand to the IMF and get real austerity. As Mencken said: democracy is the system under which the people get what they voted for good and hard.

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