Perhaps they didn’t fix it enough

It was always obvious that the fix was in:

The High-Speed 2 rail link has descended into chaos after the deputy chairman of a Government-commissioned review issued a withering attack on its own draft findings.

Lord Berkeley demanded his name is removed from the report after it endorsed the project, despite saying costs may spiral out of control and breach the current estimate of £88bn.

Review chairman Doug Oakervee has given the scheme his backing according to a leaked version of the study, despite warning the economic benefits of the rail network will be less than hoped.

Lord Berkeley, deputy chairman of the review, refused to support Mr Oakervee’s findings or recommendations and threatened to publish an alternative report of his own.

In a letter to Mr Oakervee, who was previously chairman of HS2 itself,

But perhaps the fix wasn’t enough? We can hope of course… to see the argument at least, even if it doesn’t cause the righteous cancellation of the whole thing.

7 thoughts on “Perhaps they didn’t fix it enough”

  1. If they can’t fix a review properly then they certainly can’t be trusted with a £100+billion infrastructure project.

  2. Agreed MC–this POS project is past rancid and needs burying double quick. That even the scum involved in it can’t muster anymore synthetic enthusiasm says enough.

  3. @Tim W

    Did you brief this chap?

    Regional planning professor unmasks the Truth behind HS2 spin

    HS2 should be cancelled. It’s a hundreds of billions pounds white-elephant to comply with EU Laws
    EU Directive 96/48/EC which compels UK to build it never mentioned – why?

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